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  1. And/or some place to wrench on it. I did the suspension in my very understanding neighbor's driveway, but a motor is quite a different thing!
  2. Bent a rod. Now I need a 2.3 t5 motor...
  3. Btw; the AC worked great going through Sacramento 95º heat! I'm very stoked!
  4. Shimmed the AC clutch with zip ties. First one took 15 min, the other two took 5. Rotated the Tires, then drove the piss out of it for 4 hours. Got to blow off a 5.0 mustang on 680 too! WooHoo!
  5. OK! The board gods don't want me to say Bi@%$ session! You win!
  6. Crap! that would be a oh yeah! session!!!!!!
  7. Finally! Got my FSD and ipd Blues a while back but have had not enough time to get everything installed, but everything is in tonight. And of course there was all sorts of other little things like; Back up light switch, trans fluid change, both radiator hoses(the top one was doing an Old Faithful). But the big "other project" at the same time, was the axel boots. WARNING: oh yeah! session coming; FPC sent me a pair of inner boot kits that did not fit the bill. A: They shipped with Zip Ties for clamps! (Now I love my zip ties but S%#@! on CV boots???) B: The big side was like 1/2 an inch too BIG!! AND, the DAMN zip tie wasn't big enough and I had to repurpose a set of Volvo clamps(don't ask me how, this is a proprietary skill!), and somehow got the damn thing to stay on. NOT confidence inspiring. Maybe the Blue Box Volvo outer boots from ipd weren't over priced after all.
  8. Yes! I want to hear about how hard it pulls!
  9. Drove her for 3 hours (Nevada City to Palo Alto). Tried to get a wrx to come play (I went by him at 90, he he) but no luck...
  10. You can have both, the sidemarkers are single filament bulbs so you hook to both the running/park lamps and the turn sig. This makes the sidemarker go on with the park lamps and "flash" off with the signals. This is also on the ipd website as a install guide for their sidemarker wiring kit. (mine is a few pagers back in this thread, but I didn't detail the wiring here). Light it UP!
  11. When you have gone through all those, I start thinking; is the coil getting voltage? is it still when cranking? If not; you have covered the biggies but what about something semi mechanical like the ignition switch? Relays? (my 98 has those...) Good luck
  12. Took her to the Carlsson show in Palo Alto. :)