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  1. There will be an empty place in my soul.
  2. Shouldn't that be in Seattle sports? But yes, I was out at training camp last week and we're looking strong. Chris Clemons may be back for the season opener against Carolina and Jermaine Kearse is moving into the #4 wideout spot with his strong play. Meanwhile, Russell is Russell and Marshawn looks fresh. Here we go!
  3. Timing belt and many other fun things fixed and replaced today. Also picked these up from Matt last night. Since they were a steal and I'll only use them when absolutely necessary, I'm thinking I'll have some fun choosing what color to paint them. Candidates are dark red (simple, cool), dark purple (UW, goes with the gold), and dark blue. Open to suggestions though. Don't like the chrome and no use painting them black since I already have the black pegs. Looking plasti-dip them too. Anyone know of a good easy, cheap place around Seattle?
  4. Just really heavy B.O. mixed with auto smells. Nothing I noticed causing it.
  5. Oh yea it was nasty and terrible smelling but the guy driving the tow truck was nice enough so I said sure.
  6. Yea it did cause lots of issues. Austin did a great job. So when the car stalled on Eastlake I called my 24/7 roadside help covered by Allstate. The guy in the tow truck that came offered to take it to his garage and company he worked for. I said alright and it ended up being Speedway Collision Center in South Seattle. They did put in a great new alternator though. But yea, the fact that they didn't reconnect that hose means I'll obviously never go back and time to write some bad reviews online! Haha. I'm taking it to Barrier soon for a full service that it's due for and a new timing belt since it hasn't been replaced yet and I'm at 108K miles. Going to Barrier simply because that's where it's always gone for services and such.
  7. After a dead alternator, stalling on Eastlake Ave near downtown Seattle, taking taxis everywhere, having a disconnected intercooler hose caused by the shop I went to, experiencing additional computer problems that caused my car to stall on Elliot Ave last night and almost on the Ballard Bridge, and getting huge help from Austin resetting my car's computer and codes plus reconnecting that tube....finally, my car is back at 100%. Whew.
  8. Ok, that's pretty cool Well, this is a hard job I'm taking but it's the next step to the top. My dream is to be a host and I'll do anything and everything to attain it!
  9. Haha, I might just agree to that, actually. I'll be doing the broadcasting (not announcing) for the Tacoma Rainiers games on affiliate 850 South Sound.
  10. Hey guys, I wanted to stop in and say that I have gotten a job at Sports Radio KJR that will be every day through September 4th. While I'm working in my dream workplace, it also means I will not be able to attend any coming events such as the Port Townsend Cruise, IPD, or the Leavenworth Drive. I'll miss all of you and your filthy cars. See you in late 2013 or 2014!