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  1. Thanks I have read your thread, Marks, and Hussein's I worry about removing the wiring from the ecu box, but since lots of people are doing it these days I guess it can't be that bad the pnp wire are you connecting that to the starter solenoid? sorry with all the questions just a few issues I have that I couldn't find the answers too, thanks for taking the time to answer my questions.
  2. ok sounds good, also regarding wiring looking at a photo of the pnp wiring all wiring for tcm canbus and pnp and reverse lights modification were they all done at the tcm harness?
  3. when you say you had 4 hours of electrical errors what happened?
  4. that was one of my questions, what did you learn? where did you join the pnp wiring? at the tcm plug or at the trans end?
  5. can't wait to see the pictures, I have lots of questions mainly wiring questions
  6. subscribed I'm next to do this swap