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  1. It's not throwing any codes besides a speed sensor code.
  2. From my understanding you gap them closer in when you push more boost. If you don't it causes it to run rich and you get spark blow out. I read a number some where on here of .19
  3. I am only running 17psi but I was getting spark blow out.
  4. I don't think that aircraft was made by Saab...
  5. I have been programming light cues for this theater show on a program/system called emphasis. I've been using it 3-4 years now. Love the system. Anybody else used emphasis or do any theater technical work?
  6. So I am pretty sure my ECU hates me.. The weather has changed from 97 degrees F to 42 degrees F in about a day. Definitely likes the colder weather though.
  7. I would be a little more worried about this in Saudi Arabia..
  8. I have family that live in Victorville, huntington beach, and hermosa beach. Norhthern Cali? 303?
  9. I never new that before. Thanks for the info.