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  1. Hi Hussein, Sad news for the international VOLVO community! I am French and I am the administrator of a specialized VOLVO forum on turbo models. I followed, like many people around the world, your modifications, be they on paper, photographs and stayed often admiring! I have rarely seen someone like you go that far in the changes and we are able to benefit. What you have done for you in six years has been beneficial for all of us passionate about VOLVO. I thank you for 2 reasons: The first is for doing advanced VOLVO cause and we have shown that it was possible with the will and passion. The second is personally because every time I contacted you, you have always taken the time to explain things as you had made them. You reaches a high level in your changes worthy of a recognized tuner! It will miss your post .... I wish you good luck in your projects Hussein. Hope to read you on another project who knows ... Yann
  2. Thank you for the information. I see that you still have to improve the parts in your engine compartment. Congratulations to you and your passion!
  3. Hello lookforjoe I have a question about your intercooler: Today you have chosen to put a large (28x8X3, 5 "). I see that opening in your bumper can cool up to your intercooler. It is therefore a good choice. I have a Volvo V70R AWD and I can not put your model because the cooling is not optimum, the opening in the bumper is too small .... I will change because the original intercooler is misplaced, I look at what is on the internet where the forum VOLVO ... I think rather direct me to the first intercooler you'd first (28x8x3, 5 ") since opening in my bumper is 22.4" Lx3, 14 "D. From the opening of the bumper I make aluminum plates to direct air over the surface of the intercooler. Were you satisfied with your first FMIC (28x8x3, 5 ")? How much power can it handle? 350 hp max or more? 400 hp Thank you in advance for information Yann
  4. Volvo V70 R AWD 1998

  5. rise94