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  1. Your gif moves too fast for me to have a clear look at it. A significant point in the map is where you see a reduction in timing around your peak torque. Furthermore as soon as the turbo builds boost, load increases in a fast rate. This causes steep decline in timing values. Some of the "weird areas" are also very unlikely to be actually hit during road operations. @Yits, this would be technically possible via certain methods which I learned through my six sigma black belt certification, I got to know an engineer that works for BMW there who is involved in developing such predictive analysis methods. From our conversations I remember that he has a wide variety of data inputs available. I think the right question is how to make ignition table tuning safer and more efficient..but with the data that we have. If you would find a way to usefully register BITS in the history lookup table and tell something about its severity to determine timing retard suggestions, combined with a "safe environment" to play and gather data, this would already help massively I think.
  2. Sorry I meant the K16. I have seen numbers up to 350 at the wheels on the website of Elevate. Sounds amazing, but don't push it too far for the std engine block.. Keep us updated with the progress - and I love the wheels btw!
  3. Very cool, Goodluck with this new car hussein. What about the power output with the K04?
  4. Welkom :-) Would be interesting to read a build thread for this.
  5. Any other track mods foreseen johann? Brakes, tires, exhaust, suspension? :) :)
  6. Well, I am very happy that we significantly reduced timing to safeguard safe operating whilst tuning. Another thing that was hard to control in the phase where the boost is coming in and the turbo is spooling to achieve its target load. Requesting too high load too early causes the turbo to spool very hard at a skyrocket duty cycle. As soon as you then achieve target load finally, the boost overshoot because the ecu needs to make a huge correction on the duty cycle. Deffinately learned a lot! Now going to install the new MAF housing asap. Unfortunately DHL lost my will order new parts tonight.
  7. I think you should be quite satisfied with this setup and these outputs tbh. So well done and keep the good work up. Interesting how nobody calls it a day after a big performance build, it's never enough :)
  8. Ok, but then you need to distinguish between 2 topics: Topic 1: You are unsatisfied with what you purchased: deal 1 on 1 with the person who you did business with Topic 2: You wonder why your performance is low and would like to have feedback from this community: get the details of your tune which are sufficient and have to deal specifically with M4.4 tuning via TunerPro, share it on this forum and have people comment. There are a lot of variables influencing your performance. It's looking for a needle in a haystack to randomly start guessing whats wrong (timing pull, cam setting, AFR's too rich, boost levels outside of efficiency zones, backpressure, engine failure, heat problems, etc). So it would help if you can post the details of your tune.
  9. Great updates Maarten and Piet. I am already lucky to use the Wideband mod, RPM+ mod and Load 2448 mod. Especially the wideband mod makes tuning so easy. It's really nice how the realised AFR easily follows the requested AFR table.
  10. Hussein...I've been at the same situation last year and understand your feeling. Only reason I still have the volvo is because I have a 2015 audi next to it now. It's important to have something reliable next to it that just always starts and drives at the stages where we are with our engines anything can happen and you never know when the next breakdown is going to be. That said, I would hate to see you quitting the XR... and although I would opt for your ENEM's, I wish you find the strength to continue! Like piet said, drop pan and lift head(can do this in a few hours) and you will know what's up.
  11. Lower, which means your knock threshold goes down and you're more prone to engine damage.