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  1. I would prefer the wallenberg family to buy volvo back so it is a true swedish company once again.

    Well going back to Swedish roots, how about the guy who owns Ikea and was once (but briefly) the world's richest man?

    Maybe he'll sell Volvos in knock down kits you can assemble in your own garage. I bet many of you guys are just gonna love the idea.

  2. Sorry I was AFK all day yesterday. Yes just basic stuff. Bevel gears, ETC, misc computer issues, and so on. Basically same format as Bay 13. Informal writing style is fine as long as its detailed. IE Tools needed and torque values.

    I did a write-up at Matthews Volvo site years ago when I did my first ever repair on a Volvo.

    If this is good enough for you, I'll ask Matthew if I can extract the original text of my write-up.

  3. When I saw saw the pic without even reading the words, my jaw just dropped and couldn't help muttering "gawd no, not again". Sorry Pat, I really feel for ya but as they say the impt thing is all parties are physically alright. Hope you're totally OK soonest.

  4. Let's see what others say. If the other software seems better and there's more interest in that, then maybe we should switch gears. How much is it typically anyway?

    Something like 200 British pounds - which makes it rather expensive compared to generic OBD2 software. I'm curious about the "live data" feature - what does it read that OBD2 doesn't.