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  1. fwdGTP

    1998 V70 Xc From The Beginning... to the End

    Resolved. Thanks.
  2. Video pulls = I wanna see lol
  3. fwdGTP

    Another Rn + 20G, My 'build' Thread

    Dang, that's what I call a good camera person lol. I'm surprised that the power bands are even that similar lol. And lookforjoe ill bump my thread up.
  4. fwdGTP

    Another Rn + 20G, My 'build' Thread

    Alright cool, it may just be injector limited, or just a tuning issue. I'm gonna look into it more.
  5. fwdGTP

    Another Rn + 20G, My 'build' Thread

    Do you happen to know what the stock fpr is able to do? I seem to be running into some lean issues at full boost, since I'm using ttusb I don't actually have a injector duty cycle, but it doesn't seem to allow me to get more fuel. I may have just ran out of injector. Nice numbers btw. Probably moves pretty good.
  6. AC puts a massive amount of load on these engines, and cold air doesn't make much of a difference power wise anyway, since it will be heated then cooled again before actually entering the engine anyway. I cannot see any reason that there would be any gains in that respect, plus I highly doubt it would be able to cool enough air to make a difference anyway.
  7. fwdGTP

    Boxpin's Build

    What broke? That doesn't look too nice.
  8. fwdGTP

    Boxpin's Build

    Really, exploded synchro? That's what happened to mine.
  9. fwdGTP

    Boxpin's Build

    My car is a piece of crap anyway idk why I'm worried about it lol.
  10. fwdGTP

    Boxpin's Build

    Nah, I just don't wanna mess it up and you already worked on an 850 lol. I might try renting one some time.
  11. fwdGTP

    Boxpin's Build

    Oh nice, wanna do mine some time?
  12. fwdGTP

    Boxpin's Build

    Rental or purchase?
  13. fwdGTP

    Boxpin's Build

    Where'd you get the roller?
  14. fwdGTP

    Boxpin's Build

    Seems legit