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  1. Carson, The car looks amazing and I agree with Tom, don't tint the windows.
  2. Contact Victor...
  3. Nice job Mike! Silly the screen easily visible from different angles like in the passenger seat?
  4. Yeah, this would dye your bumpers a very dark grey/black. I prefer the black instead of the grey, but that's just me.
  6. Ok, are you saying your painted part of the bumpers are faded, or the top textured plastic parts?
  7. George, Just to clarify, are you sure the spoiler isn't 609 code red? The 850R red was 609 code and the standard red was 601.
  8. That car would have a conical 15g. I think $5400 is a good deal if the car is in good shape, that mileage isn't too bad.
  9. I would leave it like it is.
  10. I thought you were getting a yellow T5R?
  11. If you like the car and its in decent condition, just fix it.
  12. Nice job with the pics Carson, I love the darker finish on your Pegs :)
  13. Looks great, even color matched to the car!