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  1. I got new tires too. A little different tread pattern though...
  2. Yes, still at the same property, just built a new house that I moved into a couple weeks ago. Wish I had time for Volvos and the shens still but life has directed me in a different direction.
  3. All kinds of things. Built the car a couple years back. I'll try to find my thread. I had a kid, got divorced, life got busy and just did not have time to finish up the build.
  4. Still have both Volvos but mainly driving my truck.
  5. Replaced oil cooler lines. Its kinda a PITA with the engine inside the car. I remember why I swapped the other car to RN Oil Cooler.
  6. I've been hiking 12 hours a day for the last week in these and have not one complaint. If you're hiking in "hiking" sneakers, you're not really hiking; you're strolling.
  7. Yea, I guess I have no clue what I am talking about. Never mind the fact I take care of 125 acres of forested land.
  8. Roundup is only 30%-50% glyphosate. You can make your own stronger solution which works much better. Its all about timing too. Its best to cut it back, then when its just sprouting new growth hit it hard.
  9. Have you tried a heavy glyphosate solution? It kills even the most evasive plants out here.
  10. I've used this one in the past and have been happy with it. Especially at $100.
  11. I am right next to one of the State Parks. It is very desolate in this area. The next nearest POI is 12 miles to the north, and is the nearest place with any real facilities. It is a problem not only for me, but for the whole community. It has become such a problem that we are having meetings with all of the local agencies trying to get something done about it. The biggest problem is nothing in this area was made to accommodate the amount of people that are coming through, not even the highway. You can read a little bit about it here if you are interested. It is one of the locals blogs, who does a pretty good job documenting locals issues and events. I'll have a plethora of them for you this weekend. Any particular shape or consistency you would like to see? I'll have plenty to chose from. Hell, I'll scoop some up and send you a care package of them in the mail.