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  1. It appears that M4.4 has fueling maps for both acceleration enrichment and deceleration enrichment.
  2. It looks like there are significant differences between the 607 rev5b and the LPT file(s) you posted. Just a sample of those changes: the axis differences, boost and ignition maps, "lambda threshold for WOT" in the LPT version exits STFT at much lower load and RPM value than 607. Also interesting: the different formula used for the knock-detection map. I'd like to try a non-immobilizer version of your LPT files.
  3. Regarding LPT 4.4: if knock is being detected at midrange rpm, try setting 'Lamba threshold for WOT' to as low as 3.0 at 2580 rpm.
  4. FYI: The 609 ECU was paired with an immobilizer (thanks for this info, TMM9 and Turboforslund).
  5. Turboforslund, Do you have access to LPT maps for comparison? For that 609 bin, I wonder if there are any differences with the ignition, fuel, or boost maps compared with an American market LPT ECU: i.e. 610, 460, 458 etc. That is, if there was an expectation that the "premium fuel" octane levels would be higher in your geographic location. Have you been tuning with wideband O2 data?
  6. TMM9, I didn't expect Motronic Suite to be reliable or accurate. But in some cases (not all) the 607 .bin parameter tables do correlate well with some maps in Motronic Suite. I was looking for anything useful in tuning a LPT version of M4.4.
  7. Looking at the 451 bin in MotronicSuite Boost Category and comparing with the 607 bin (plus rev5b .xdf) Turbo-Related category in Tuner Pro, Motronic Suite has "Map for maximum duty cycle value [DF76]". There doesn't seem to be a counterpart map viewable in TunerPro. Is the absence of this map any practical concern for tuning? It seems that working in TunerPro, the maximum (~99.6) TCV Duty Cycle Pilot control values together with the paired Target Load Setpoint map values would cover the "maximum duty cycle value" cases.
  8.] Does this method for installing and verifying the checksum plugin within Windows 8 fail?
  9. Regarding the WOT enrichment table function, are its values multipliers to the VE Part Load (fuel) map? So by default, at WOT, every cell in the VE Part Load map is multiplied by 1.0, and the WOT map is essentially the VE Part Load map without fuel trims enabled. If one wanted to use the WOT enrichment map to enrich VE Part load fuel delivery by 10%, the respective WOT values should be 1.1 (not 0.1). Hypothetically, if one mistakenly set a value of 0.1 in each of the WOT enrichment map cells, would the delivered WOT fuel be 10% of the VE Part Load map values (barring knock adjustment fueling)? Or as the name states, is this WOT enrichment table only enrichment (of the VE Part load fueling)? I'd like to just use the VE "Part Load" map not just for part load, but for WOT fueling. I've set my lambda threshold for WOT values to 3.98. I want to ensure that by leaving the default values at 1.0 in the WOT enrichment table, VE "Part Load" map will be the basis for fueling at WOT, and not switch from a VE Part load fuel value > 1.0 to a WOT "enrichment" value of 1.0. Simplifying this: With the default "1.0" values, is the WOT enrichment table not affecting the fueling set by VE Part Load? How else would WOT enrichment be disabled?
  10. Jan Woth on keeping boost well controlled to avoid rod-bending conditions:
  11. TMM9, Just to clarify my understanding: Do you mean "Your load threshold for lambda control is set too high. Due to the fast spooling nature of a TD04HL turbo you want to enter open-loop at around 3ms at 2580." (i.e. exit closed loop so that the afrs are not too lean as boost builds)?
  12. mattwebb502, Yes. My code reader will not connect (ignition pos. II, engine off) in default listener mode. But use Realterm (as Avinitlarge said) to get out of "listener" mode and into OBD-ii mode. In the default "l" (listener) setting, datalogging via TunerPro is accessible.
  13. Does anyone have an relatively-stock LPT ignition map they would be willling to post or pm? moved to a different topic: '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>