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  1. Work on PCV completed and vacuum replaced with silicon and same symptoms. Time to reach-out for help to Volvo special shop in Chicago area called Swedish Car Specialists.
  2. Thanks, I'm going to work on PCV and replace vacuum lines with silicon and see if it helps.
  3. Coolant level sits at MAX level. Here is a short video how it runs. https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipMM4QCjXzqPzEFCgHHY1IWy6VD-oFlN-LAGEnSHK5bW1H0ubJNOKeeOnCTRuBD4FQ?key=eGFyZS1oZmZfdG5qZlEtbW0zcWh4eUxmRllrOW9B
  4. @Zappo and @bmdubya1190 I did coil test per your recommendation and car ran worst after unplugging one coil at the time. I was told that PO replaced the spark plugs and coils 10k miles ago. One observation. after car wormed the temp gauge arrow stayed in the middle on the dashboard and the coolant almost reached to the top of the coolant tank . Is it normal ? Before replacing thermostat I drained 2 qts of coolant and when I re added the level stays above the MAX all the time Also when car was choking/puffing after worm up is saw smoke coming out of dipstick, but glove test passed. PCV? https://photos.app.goo.gl/XgrP7TsZghdPDh5b7
  5. No love, same symptoms. when MAF is disconnected. I will try to swap vacuum lines this weekend and go from there. Thanks for advise.
  6. Someone suggested to replace ECT. ECT and thermostat has been replaced and no luck same symptoms. Re-scanned for codes and again no codes. Did XeMODeX ETM test by their flow chart troubleshooting and all passed. Perhaps MAF could be the issue?
  7. Sorry, I've should add I will be working on replacing vacuum lines next week since it is 20yrs old car, fuel pressure seems ok after pressing little nipple on fuel rail, Fuel pump relay has been replaced with one from the junkyard and same symptoms.more update to come.
  8. Just got 1999 V70R with 212k and car starts/idles fine for the first 10-15 min. and then begins to stumble/idle rough. Runs fine above 2000 rpms. No codes in on VIDA scan, also It has new XeMODeX ETM installed by previous owner and it was programmed by the dealer. Looking for help and suggestions and idea how to tackle this problem.