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  1. They should be here as soon as UPS stops sucking. Ordered from http://tirerack.com last week and still not here
  2. haha, ill actually agree with both of those. I am convinced im right, even in contrast with the people that disagree, and ive def had a few hints to let it go, but that probably wont happen until its finally been legalized.
  3. The only people whos lives are ruined by weed are the ones that are prosecuted for doing it. When the consequences of an action are far worse then the action itself, there is something wrong.
  4. well i wont keep arguing it, cause i know ill just get banned again, and then wont be able to surf vs at all. yeah, after I posted it and read it I wanted to take it out cause i realize it wasnt that good of an analagy, but i think the sucess rate is about the same, but I forgot supporting members dont have edit rights.
  5. I dont have cancer, but my mom has a brain tumor, one she will eventually die from. So anything that might contribute to her living even just a day longer or the many people who suffer from types of cancer that can actually be helped by being slowed or prevented but isnt just so the gov dosnt have to admit to one of the biggest ongoing lies its told to the ameican people is something that I would want to see happen. But I get banned for exposing a huge injustice of this country. Its like trying to tell slave owners that owning slaves is wrong.
  6. posting an article where they state one of the biggest promises for curing cancer is weed, but its not being persued for the sole reason is they cant have a war on drugs and a war on cancer at the same time, when one of the easiest targets of one might solve the other.