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  1. Sold the 99 V70XC a few days ago. Still rocking the 08 XC90.
  2. That sounds ridiculous! On another note. Does anyone remember a post here about a pipe mount for storing wheels in a garage?
  3. Is Off Topic: The Thread dead? Man I used to come here every night and read y'all's funny AF comments.
  4. "Appraised at $75,000" lol by the owner I'm sure. Excellent condition minus the torn seat and nowhere near enough pics even for the asking price let alone at $75k car. Joker. To bad after modding a car you don't get the cost or time back, ever. I can hear him telling lookers, I have $$$ into it! Oh and the engine pic does seem to show the hood open further than the pic with the hood only partially opened.
  5. Wow, quite a range of price, $50-75 on fb and there was one that went recently on eBay for $300 BIN. I'll have to unbox mine and take a bunch of pics. I'm trying to remember the details, I picked it up from a SS user in Florida who works at an auto salvage place but I can't remember who that was and I haven't found the PMs about it yet either it was from a low mileage GLT but it should be in very good condition.
  6. What fb groups did you use for BST Volvo stuff?
  7. What is a 16T with angled flange going for these days? I have a low mileage one that has been in a box for a couple years that I don't think I'm going to use.
  8. Replaced the fuel pump. I hated cutting my floor open but its running. Well I still need to add some split loom to protect my wires, close up the incision, dress my metal work, prime and paint, secure the panel, seal it up, etc.
  9. I totally get the sarcasm, I'm in IT in a school system which means doubly underpaid. I don't oh yeah! about it because some of my fellow school IT peeps have it much worse and teachers would throw a fit if they knew what I got paid but the stress is crazy and not worth it. And yes, working in a closet to keep YouTube running smoothly and it always works so they figure WTF do we need the IT staff for, f$/& 'em! On another note, I ditched the iPhone and picked up a Droid Turbo 64GB. The first couple days were painful, I made the home screens 'kinda laid out like the iPhone icon
  10. My Brother in law rolled a car; around a corner at high speed, down a bank and into a creek when he was a dumb teenager. No seat belts, broke through the glass sunroof mid-roll and was completely ejected and thrown free. The roof was caved in so badly, the responders told him if he had he stayed in the car, even buckled he'd surely be dead. I've always wondered what that was like being launched out of a rolling car, maybe even seeing it tumbling as your in mid-flight. Maybe busting through the glass, he wasn't conscious, I don't know. We don't talk about it so I assume others in the car
  11. What high end smartphone models do you like right now? I'm needing to replace a phone and don't care about OS wars or carrier preference. What brand and model of smartphone do you like? Why? I'm thinking 6S or S5. Plus and Note are too big but I will spend money on features and quality. Is S6 edge worth the wait? I actually hate Google and Apple but don't want a Windows Mobile phone, Amazon Fire phone or Blackberry that I can't get any decent apps for. So I don't really give a stuff about if anyone thinks Apple or Droid is better, they both suck and I can adapt to either. Show me your
  12. Testicle testicle one.. two.. three!? Is this thing on?
  13. IT Director for a private preK-12 school district. 1000 students, 125 staff, a few hundred mostly Windows stations, 20 or so iMacs, dozens of iPads, about 500 wireless nodes on our wifi all day every school day...
  14. OH SNAP! Yeah, that reminds me of the Blues Brothers when they're all comparing prison food, "They're all pretty bad." And the comment above is pretty much right, anything below -10 and I dress and prepare for the same way. At lower than -20 like today though we do start to see other effects like tires failing for no apparent reason, underground pipes freezing as I mentioned, etc. Another friend of mine in the mountains who I keep in contact with through ham radio, it's 39 inside their house, brrrr! Stay warm y'all!
  15. Started it. That doesn't sound like much but in this weather everything is a challenge. Thankfully I was (and usually am) able to start it. It was a balmy 15 degrees in my garage, significantly warmer than outside! I usually don't park inside but I don't have a block heater and my Suburban does so it was out and plugged in. At these temps, the foam in the seats even gets stiff. Getting in to start the engine is like sitting on a board. Even breathing hurts but we're all at work and school and carrying on as usual. In this weather, just breaking down on the side of the road can become a