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  1. Here's a couple more. I'm enjoying the ride so much! Wheels need to be pushed out a tad, especially in the back but this will be for next summer when I will need new tires - a slight stretch will be needed...
  2. Well does 32 fall in the old category? My vote goes to the RK's hands down for color and wheel!
  3. Want my S70 back when I see pictures like these! Nice!!!
  4. I take it you know Rolland?
  5. Finally got my tires
  6. This makes me want my S70 back!
  7. mikie


  8. Ya I know I found this out on the speedworldchallenge site, sucks! So okay this year is not a great idea for the motorsport section, understood.
  9. What I'm trying to encourage is support! I completely agree with you but I think it's somewhat sad that a motorsports section "might" not last. Also the section can contain more then just Atspeed, we also have riley racing that just started, some european races and we can throw in F1, and whatever else of interest. Look at other forums such as MWERKS and VWvortex their motorsports section do well, Swedespeed's section is a little slow but VS is at a faster pace and believe it would move a little better.
  10. QUOTE(Plan_B @ Mar 18 2007, 10:21 PM) ←Nobody likes me? Good job Grant!
  11. Volvospeed was one of the first volvo forums I found, vptuning and swedespeed where the two others. I slowly started to spend more of my time on VS then the two other sites mainly for the quick pace of the site. Bay 13, moderators and members have helped me out a great deal and I am very thankfull. I think VS has improved tremendously, but like you said Chuck; "With the world changing, new cars coming out, new members coming and going, we too must change and adapt." The S60 project car was and is a great start and believe it will gather a lot of interest but we need a P2 section, like javadoc stated; "We are 'typecast' though, and you're right Charles, need more P2 membership and interest. That 'other' site seems to have a strangle-hold on that market, but that can easily change with support for those owners." I would also like to see a motosport section to show our support to volvo motorsports. I enjoyed and was happy to see Atspeed spending some time on the forum. I like to be in touch with the "small vendors" and support them since thy support us! Volvospeed is very powerfull and members are a big influence to the sites success. Good job guys, and thank you. I hope all that makes sense, I'm tired, didn't re-read it.
  12. Merry Christmas and all the best for the New Year!
  13. Cool, thats nice of you. Just hope some wont take advantage...