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  1. one of the few pictues i have from when it was stock: Now:
  2. Jean skirt for the win! Good lookin civic - very tastefull, also enjoy the R.
  3. Good luck and enjoy yourself brothaman, i might see you in the not too distant future.
  4. For some reason i dont really like it in the picture, but i'm sure that it looks good in person.
  5. monkeykkkkkkkk i'm gettin up at 7 just so i can wash my car before the meet, and i gotta clean my house before my parents get home tomorrow night. i should be in bed........ in fact thats what i'm doin now. See ya at 8 ppl
  6. I'll let ya know as soon as i get ahold of some 24's haha
  7. Update: I'm good to go! My parents can get their own asses home from the airport!
  8. Know what else dosent help make em' look big, is the fake rivets, i'd say that takes away an inch in appearance. Nope not lowered, completely stock.
  9. Can you say monster truckin? Comin' up next, UberCar on..............? :ph34r:
  10. Ummmmm i MIGHT not be able to come..... I'll keep people posted
  11. Yay and the lord did say, meet at timmy's at 8, and it was done. Ed, the rest stop is right after a town called WOODSTOCK, and that town right right after the 401 and the 403 merge togetrher. I was there on wednesday and i'm 90% sure that its an Esso. I'm 100% sure that theres a timmy's and a wendy's at the rest stop, so i hope that helps.
  12. Yeah i'll be down for leaving early sunday. Should we do what we originally planned and meet at the timmies and than meet at the rest stop off the 401?
  13. not 5 speed? Damn thats too bad, cause then it'd be perfect haha