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  1. I like the inspire A LOT. We'll be picking one up shortly to replace the Phantom. The price might seem high to a non-professional, but it's actually a great deal considering all the features it's packed with.
  2. Timo alerted me to this thread. We use a DJI S800 EVO for higher end jobs, and a Phantom 2 with GoPro for our clients on a budget. I also have a Blade 200QX as my "fun/practice" drone, and have seen a few of the 350QX's fly. Here's my take on each: Phantom 2: Fit and finish is better than any other RTF drone I have seen in it's class. Ours has been very reliable, is very stable in flight, and makes an excellent camera platform. The Vision+ offers a very simple and elegant aerial camera solution, and you can use an iOS device or tablet as your FPV screen. However, the video is not quite as good quality as that of a high end GoPro, which is why we use a GoPro with Zenmuse gimbal. If you go the GoPro route, you will have to also buy a video downlink, dedicated FPV screen, and an iOSD unit (this is all built into the Vision+). I should also mention I absolutely love the battery solution that DJI uses. They use a 5200mAh 3S "smart" battery that is easy to swap out, and gives incredible flight times. 350QX: I've seen these fly, and have tons of stick time with their little brother the 200QX; they are fast and agile compared to a Phantom with stock settings. Their flight characteristics are not quite as stable, but if you have RC heli experience you shouldn't have any problem. I don't know much about how they perform as a camera platform, how smooth their gimbal is, and what quality their video is, but I have heard even the QX3 isn't quite as good as the Vision+. Don't take my word on that last statement though, that opinion came from only one person who I talked to about it. Yuneec: I know nothing about this drone, in fact I didn't even know it existed until today. One thing to take into consideration, which I'm sure you already know given your heli experience, is that availability of parts is important. Most hobby shops carry Blade parts, and there are many drone shops across the US that carry Phantom parts. This may or may not be an issue for you depending on how you fly... I've been operating my business since Jan 2014 and have never crashed any of my drones, so I have never needed to buy spare parts.
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  4. I think you should go with the Iridescent. Lucky showed me the Iridescent boost and timing maps before you showed up wednesday afternoon, and they are much more agressive in the top end than the Argyle.
  5. On my way downtown to get drinks with some friends, I think Kalvin's gonna be joining us too. Send me a text if you want to meet up 971.222.9487
  6. Anyone in Seattle interested in replacing an O2 sensor for one of my customers? He thinks his might need to get replaced, but would prefer to pay someone than try to do it himself.
  7. I did a little bit of research on this when I was picking a turbo. I believe Tightmopedman was correct. A TD06-8 will flow a little more at the top end than a HRC TD05H-10. Basically, the larger TD06 wheel more than makes up for the smaller housing A/R. The effects of turbine wheel size are well known in the turbo after-market. Companies like Forced Performance have been making 600+ awhp capable turbos out of stock TD05 frames simply by using massive turbine wheels.
  8. Saw this car driving down Broadway in front of PSU a few days ago. Did some internet research and found some pictures:
  9. What happened with the place you're at now Austin? I thought you liked it there?
  10. Yeah... thats only cuz you're a few minutes older than us. I'm pretty sure you've partied harder than I ever have :lol:
  11. Depends what you mean by "night". You looking for a night out, or somewhat more sober entertainment that ends at 10pm-ish? You're more than welcome to join me and Chuck (Mossback) for a beer at 4, but I can also suggest plenty of stuff to do after that.
  12. +1 I don't underatand sports fans. Following pro sports is like Keeping Up with the Kardashians for guys. Sports fans don't actually ever do anything, they just watch other people do stuff. If you like sports, then go get some buddies together and play football, don't sit on the couch eating chips and dip while blabbering about what other people are doing.