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  1. thanks... abbreviated words are to represent the concept of being online or texting... admittedly that is a bit of a stretch for a forum but I wanted to get that across... plus I just liked the abbreviated type... it's interesting i think you are the first person to notice my sig :)
  2. so I know that this is closed but I thought I'd share anyway. a little series I threw together. enjoy or don't.
  3. it doesn't matter that you can sketch. it doesn't matter if I believe you. [i would in fact like to see some of your work — not to trash it, but because looking at other peoples work is something I enjoy.] whether you drew the image is not the point — you need to understand there were plenty of other issues I found with your poster entry. you previously posted that you were "really hoping this community would step back and look at these posters artistically". consider that you may get some answers if you whine about why another persons work was chosen over yours. by calling out others work, you put a bullseye on your own.
  4. ok here goes an honest critique on No.9. I won't slam your effort but I will be honest. Some positive notes: the poster is clear and clean and you don't use any unnecessary elements. The photo-illustration you use does show a nice car; however, it does not draw your eye through the poster. I'm a big fan of white-space but the area of black-top in the image gets too much attention. When taking the time to produce a photo illustration [a say illustration because it is obvious the white car was not there originally] you want to be sure to clean up the image as much as possible [especially when the image is the hero of the poster] — For example looking at yours you should be removing power lines, telephone poles, twigs on the ground, bits of trash on the ground... and when introducing an image that wasn't there originally make sure its lighting/shadows match its new home. In a real photo shoot some of these things are considered before the shot is taken. The colors do not work. It is fine to use a blue ... but a blue that vibrant is physically impossible to print. Red type on a blue background [or visa versa] is a big no no. It cannot be read without causing your eye to bleed. There are specific shades/tones of blue that may work with specific shades/tones of red... but in the context of a poster that needs to be read [and possibly at a distance] you should steer clear of this combo. Bastardizing or changing a logo is a slap in the face of the original design and the brand of the company. You didn't cross the line too far, but I would lose the checkered flag action. It doesn't make the poster better anyway. The typography you selected was originally purposed for the volvo brand. I think it is WAY OVERUSED by members here and I would suggested using a typeface that matches or compliments the volvospeed logo [the volvospeed typeface happens to be Eurostyle — specifically Eurostyle extended]. As for the overall message... it speaks to the idea that, yes, volvos are more than soccer mom cars but it doesn't really tell the story what volvospeed is — it doesn't suck, but I think you could come up with a more original and better suited concept. Also, an image of a wagon would be more appropriate for the headline you are using. The layout you have is a bit piecy... that is fancy talk for the layout is broken up and doesn't really guide the viewer through. You kind of have to bounce around to take in all the elements. Hope this was helpful. From production [this is for everyone]... your final image ready for production [assuming it is raster based since it appears most of the submissions were pshoped] should be proportionate to 300dpi at 100%. If you want the poster to be 24" x 36" it needs to be 300dpi at that size. "Blowing up" or enlarging a smaller image to the correct 300dpi image will not work. Yes, your image will be at the correct size but blowing up only dithers the image... which means the software you are using simply makes up pixels to fill information that wasn't there orignally... resulting in blurring random little boxes everywhere. Also, every poster submitted is full bleed... which means you need to have about an extra quarter inch of bleed around your final image that extends beyond the final size so the printer can trim it off. Final artwork should also be in a CMYK color format. That is a brief overview of some production basics ... follow it if you want to have decent results. Side note... vector art can be enlarged or reduced to any size and hold a clear resolution.
  5. sure... what poster was yours? I'm always up for giving a constructive critique to those who will listen.
  6. what i do very successfully for a living is not the point. though one could argue that i do know what I'm talking about on this subject — so listen up. so you didn't use live trace. good. that means you manually traced the image with the pen tool. this is a far cry from penning every line by hand. tracing with the pen tool is as impressive a feat as tracing with translucent paper and a pen. let me be clear TRACING AN IMAGE THAT DOES NOT BELONG TO YOU IS NOT ART OR DESIGN. KNOWING HOW TO USE ILLUSTRATOR DOES NOT MAKE YOU AN ARTIST OR A DESIGNER. it doesn't matter that it took you 20 hours or even 1000 hours... you still shouldn't use that image and way you used it doesn't work anyway [see original critique]. I'm curious to know if you actually read the rest of the critique you requested. You are allowed to disagree with me and back up your work with valid points... it's good practice. speaking of practice... how many sketches of your poster did you produce before laying out your final option?
  7. I'm granting your wish: I'm looking at your poster "artistically" [whatever that means]. First off... I'm sorry to hear that waste 20 hours. Looks like you need to point your finger right back at yourself. Unless you photographed the car you used then it seems to me you acquired through ... hmmm... google? [side note... most of the photos used in other posters shown appear to be personal photos — not googled images as you used]. By this time tomorrow I could have my 4 year old daughter using live trace in Illustrator... whoop doo... you can create vector art. Way to go. It matters not how difficult it is to create artwork — what matters is how well it is done. I'm afraid everyone is selecting No. 8 because its design is far superior. Good design [same as art] does not rest in the method but in the result. Let me drop some reasoning on you. Your color palette is all over the place. Even giving you the benefit of the doubt because I'm viewing your work on screen, your color selection and use of light is causing your poster to be less effective. Your choice of typography is not spectacular and could stand to have some additional thought behind it. How you placed the type does not lead my eye through the poster as it should. The entire layout is imbalanced is simply is not pleasing to the eye. You say you took the time to focus on the final production ... I say neigh. The bkgrnd of your poster would print like mud... not to mention the ghosted image serves no real purpose in the design. Your headline is tired and not very accurate and you should have an appostrophy in "Volvo's"... oh and you probably won't get way with using "Volvo's" anyway... so some rewriting is in order. And you thought you were copyright safe. From a branding standpoint... you failed to use the volovspeed logo. Why? If you put as much time putting THOUGHT into the poster as you did tracing the dumb car you may end up with a better result. So stop whining about why number 8 was picked... It was picked because it was simply better.
  8. just curious ... but what poster did ^^that guy ^^ do? I'd loooooove to know. also... if your going to call out someones work... you should back it up. let's see what you have to say about no. 8
  9. didn't intend to include your comment in the quote... I was building on your point.
  10. "So you're saying that if I found a photo online, say of the famous BTCC car, then loaded it up in Illustrator and ran Live Trace on it... calling it my own work might be construed as copyright infringement?"
  11. Wow.... where have I been? High five to everyone for the effort. F minus for the execution. Let me begin my critique with a short analogy... A parade of a posters was marching proudly down the street. Suddenly it was hit with a massive down-pour of reality. I see many a reason to rid the earth of microsoft publisher. {BITTER POSTER THRASHING REMOVED} After some reflection, I'm voting Mike G... I'm not crazy about the headline but the layout is BY FAR headed in the best direction.
  12. powder coating looks great!
  13. *tisk tisk tisk* how many goals would you like us to spot you?