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  1. Did we lose some merged posts or can I just not find them? Conflicting post ids? E.g. V70R link was http://v70r.com/forums/topic/61542-transmission-fluid-drain-and-fill-diy/ Goes to http://volvospeed.com/vs_forum/topic/61542-keyless-troubleshooting/ Unable to find that post / title here. https://web.archive.org/web/20190830133546/http://v70r.com/forums/topic/61542-transmission-fluid-drain-and-fill-diy/ (I did have account on both)
  2. Firefox. I've tried IE also. On v70r both of these images allow me to reposition the image up and down but and the behavior I'm seeing here is that it scales but does not allow the reposition. Not a big deal to me, just wanted to report it. 625 x 345 - 255kb - http://imgur.com/a/GAWAT#0 and 1280 x 544 - 620kb - http://imgur.com/a/GAWAT#1 http://v70r.com/forums/profile/51836-teekay/
  3. What was shipping like? I've only purchased through nextgentuning.
  4. Lexol 3 in 1 for my couches. Imma check this stuff out.
  5. On the way back from Carlisle I got hit with laser pings in the rain, couldn't tell where they were coming from in the monsoon but it freaked me out. Also this.