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  1. Hehe, yeah I see what u're gettin' at. Long as we take someone across the border, it didn't happen in the US.
  2. White850T5's right...I did a paper last year on Old Sparky and learned a lot about the death penalty. It does cost taxpayers more to put a man to death. And for our satisfaction, u'd rather see someone die than live. But if u were the killer...would u rather be put to death, or sit in prison for 20, 30, 40, 50 years...I'd rather die. So keeping them in prison punishes them more than the death penalty...and from my research, a lot of people are against the use of old sparky b/c when it was brought back into use b/c of several botched executions in '99 and 2000 in Florida. Witness claimed the execution was inhumane and too painful for the executee. But look at other legalized death penalties in other countries. Flaying, hanging, throwing from a high cliff into spikes or rocks, stoning, drawing and quartering, burning at the stake, crucifiction...some of the most unimaginable death penalties are still legal and practiced in some countries worldwide. As Americans, we would never do such a thing...but w/ that in mind, as the US holds its reputation to the rest of the world...enforcing the death penalty wouldn't hold up our respectable way the world percepts us. Yes much of the world hates us, but a big part of it is b/c they see us as being better. It would be very...contradictory to enforce the death penalty more than we do. If u want to truly punish someone, u gotta do torture. And in the US, torture just ain't gonna happen.
  3. That was pretty good. The part w/ Bill Clinton was great. ~Lee
  4. I sat down last night and thought about what his family must be going thru. And to be honest, it's so unbelievable to me personally that it doesn't even seem real. It was like watching an honest to goodness horror movie, only it wasn't Hollywood, and the reality still hasn't sank in yet. I've seen some of the Faces of Death clips, and they scare the sh!t outta' me. But the Berg video doesn't get me like those, and I think it's b/c it just seems like a nightmare. I wonder what Bush does now... ~Lee
  5. There's a huge debate on the LouisvilleStreets forum I'm on. I watched the video, but I kept the sound off. The screaming would've haunted me for years. The killing was absolutely horrible. There was no call for any of that. I cannot even imagine the pain Berg went thru. And tonight on the news they interviewed his dad. Imagine being a father and watching ur son who serves for his country being eviscerated like that...there's no telling what he goes thru. Prayers for Berg's family and friends, and God Bless The USA. And let's go nuke the bastards ASAP. War isn't about us dying for our's about the f--ker dying for his! A guy on LS posted this: Truer words have never been spoken. ~Lee
  6. I vote Abe Lincoln...but his name wasn't on the poll so I couldn't cast a vote. ~Lee
  7. Nuke the bastards. If we're gonna help and they're gonna keep on coming, well we'll not let it be their problem, we'll MAKE it their problem. ~Lee
  8. F--K RAISES ON THE GAS PRICES! I already hafta pay $1.90pg for 93! ~Lee
  9. Yeah definitely. Everyone at my school is all about Bush b/c they don't see his downsides. I'm not really either Republic or Democrat, I think I pay attention more to individual candidates, and their views. Bush is shooting our country in the foot w/ some of his views, but we need to someone to go over and f--k those Iraqis up. ~Lee
  10. Yeah...I can't imagine being burned to death, or mutilated. I have this list of the worst ways to die, and burning is definitely one of the worst. And mutilation. I think flaying wins tho. But disturbs me to see those kids smiling at a body burned black. ~Lee
  11. MSN report This crap just pisses me off...innocent US workers being burned and cut to pieces b/c some of those Iraqi motherf--kers can't get their stuff straight and show the US some respect. And pity the ones who are innocent w/ this, and hafta live w/ it. ~Lee