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  1. not the best way to end a surfing trip... the first and hopefully last time it is ever on a flatbed
  2. Nice accord.... I'll stop teasing you Todd, I am glad she got it finally. Look good.
  3. If you make the trip down let me know. I might show up to cars and coffee again if there's more Volvo action :P
  4. Hmm an argument over who's car is cooler? This is about as productive as comparing testicles. One persons will be bigger. But the other dude knows how to wield his better.
  5. <p> <br /> <br /> </p> good lens. i had one for a while. I really need to get another 35. What body do you have? the quote failed..........gay
  6. i live in Virginia....but i live in the Tidewater area, where the traffic laws are stricter then the rest of the state. i believe in norhtern Virginia the ticket only costs like $35-$50, but here it costs $75-$100 depending on which city you are in. Its a tourist town (also a military town), so the fines are higher then usual. really sucks. For comparison, i got a 14 over in a 55 ticket from highway patrol here in VA. ended up costing me $320ish and i had to go to drivers improvement (anyone under 21 has to take drivers improvement every time you recieve a moving violation...gaysauce) that cost me another $90. I got the same ticket in Ohio, 14 over in a 55 on from the Highway patrol, that one only cost me $120ish dollars. and no i dont drive 14 over anymore...i keep it under 12 :ph34r:
  7. The best way to make new photos look old..... Pretty soon everyone is going to convert back to 35mm.
  8. ^^^ instagram? Just kidding. Looks good dude.
  9. Both these incidents of "accidental" shootings are cases of pure stupidity and disregard for gun safety. nothing to do with the actual gun itself. Anyone who has ever taken a gun safety course could easily avoid these "Accidents".
  10. There's a hefty fine for that... I got pulled over once for that (just got the car, had the paper plate in the window. "like a boss"?) Didn't get the ticket though talked my out of that one.
  11. The dumb thing about Euro plates is that in the majority of the states in America you, by law, have to have an American license plate on the front (and rear) of your vehicle. So you end up with either a Euro plate in the window, or a Euro plate on the bumper with an American plate somewhere else on the front of the vehicle. it looks stupid.
  12. Actually the Euro Turbobricks guys have been trading Euro plates for American plates for a while now. Not all of them but some of them.
  13. Well what he wrote is a little confusig (it could be either). But from personal experience I haven't had the VS discount work on any order under $99. On the orders I place over $99 I've gotten the discount. Correct me if I'm wrong but I have never gotten the discount on an order under $99.
  14. Was your order over $99 ? If not then the code doesn't work....as specified.
  15. How to tell if someone is a VS member..... - Springs, - HID's - Pegs, - Europlates??
  16. I have had the same issue. Im stuck In Mobile version on any PC I log onto. Before I log in its normal version. But once it logs on the site goes into mobile... Any idea how to fix this? Again any computer I log onto.....tried 4.
  17. looks awesome....but seriously needs moar low..... Why BMW gave a car gap is beyond me,
  18. If you can find the size then they are 50 cents or less online. But then you have shipping involved and it may be cheaper to go to the dealer at that point.
  19. Take that back....after searching IPD to find them for you...i have come to the realization that IPD no longer carries the copper washer. just like they dont carry a TCV for the p80 chassis anymore....(which i emailed them about and got a response saying they never carried it....LIES!!!)
  20. Big spender... IPD sells the crush rings in multiple sizes.
  21. Love the rims. Very clean.
  22. nice i got something similiar, just not as wide..
  23. hit a sign post that does suck though... What lip is that?
  24. Exactly......and its mostly the stanced Honda bro's and dub buds who rock the vanity plates here in the tidewater area "its all about the stance bra!"