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    Project Pras

    WOw! That is way above and beyond on what I expected of the car, the paint job being the first thing. Nice work Pras! It's shame you don't get to finish it up (well at least not in the next 5 years)
  2. Mike H.

    Project Pras

    Holy jeebus!!! I can't believe I read all of that In all seriousness, I'm sorry to hear the extent of the problems that you faced with the car. To the people out there, I was there when Pras picked up the engine in pieces. Words cannot describe how f'ed up it was to see your entire engine in tiny little pieces (albeit they tried to bag bolts and label them and whatnot). I cannot believe that Blackjack screwed you over like that as well. They seemed like honest people. I guess my accident was a blessing in disguise as I was ready to have blackjack do the work on the kit. I hope everything works out at the end. Mike
  3. Are the thicknesses PER AXLE or per side?
  4. Any chance you might have this written up already?
  5. Still interested Mike, let me know when you want to meet up.
  6. by the way, did you take the bolts off the calipers? How hard was it to rebuild the caliper?
  7. Nice write-up! I wouldn't want to use the oven method though, my wife would KILL me (literally).
  8. First of all, much thanks to Mike and the household for hosting this great event. I was THAT close of not making it but man, I'm glad I did. I have a few pictures from the LA drive up but I don't have any pics once I got there because I was having too much fun driving and I figure everyone else will be taking the same pictures anyways. Definitely looking forward to the next one. And hopefully I'll have extra things to show you guys.
  9. Yup, pretty much says it all right here that Volvo Racing is no more. So sad, they had so much potential.