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  1. I thought I was going to die when they took them out to see the drawings. "It's like these balls are angry and have no friends and these balls are new and full of hope" Couldn't breath for about a minute straight
  2. Hey, he's proud of it and he should be.... I bet he put a lot of effort into it. And what do you do!? stuff all over him. Tsk tsk tsk.
  3. Heard about this from my plane friends. Apparently there was nothing he could do
  4. Sometimes they dont change the oil at all. I'd be careful, I got monkeyed over by them once
  5. "You have reached your quota of positive votes for the day" Something is wrong.
  6. That stuff pisses me off to no end. The only thing that is worse are the people that are the reason its there. Whoever is messing with the seats at 75mph through traffic and not watching the road, crashes, and then sues because of the seats should have their kneecaps shot. Twice.
  7. Black R wagon that looked like it had different wheels (it was dark) and fog lights on 680 North. Got off the go either west or east on highway 4.
  8. I need my laptop charger to come in the mail. I have a spare ecu I can mess with.
  9. Roads aren't in super condition, and I sometimes have to haul people around.
  10. Haha, you wouldn't want these wheels. Curb rash in the middle of the wheel And the rear spacers make my tires rub on every sizable bump. I'm going to plastidip the wheels gunmetal or white or gold whenever i get the car working properly. Sure does look nice though
  11. Yup Its a hooptie too. Keeps giving me problems
  12. My guess, from what it looks like and the name, is going from engine braking (no power being made, injectors off) to making power (injectors on) while still in gear. The part of the map that is different (not sure if "more on" or "less on" for timing) seems to be right where the engine could stumble or be confused
  13. Since im on a roll i might as well tell you that the rpm and ms are mixed up on the VE part load map. Not scary huge, but figured i'd actually contribute Manual bin, btw
  14. Just remembered what i was thinking of instead of damos, daemon. Used it a LONG time ago and my brain confused the two. I'm not as noob as I sound right now.
  15. I appreciate your concern, but know my way around computer stuffs. Also know not to mess with stuff i dont fully understand. Awesome work with all of this, thank you.
  16. You dont understand, when i go to download the xdf, a new tab opens with text. I understand not to just doubleclick everything derp. a quick right click solved my issue. Sorry about that
  17. Noob time, I click on the XDF file and just get a page full of text that looks like code. I couldn't find anyway to translate that text into an actual XDF file. TunerPro doesnt work with just the .bin. And MotronicSuite doesnt like it either. What am I managing to screw up? Do I need to install DAMOS?