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  1. I'll compromise and include my old car for Volvo content.
  2. I wish! From what I understand, the only W202 chassis to get a manual (Diesel) only got a 4-spd. Sloppy box is fine, I guess.
  3. Some of the voices put an idea in my head, so I tried something different. AMG C36.
  4. Having recently completed a rack replacement on my VR, I'll go ahead and comment it's a pain in the ass. Not a whole lot of room with the bevel gear and sway bar in the way. If I EVER have the need to do it again with an AWD, I'll drop the whole subframe and not just the rear.
  5. goldponcho

    Project 95

    Had to get that wheel from New Zealand. Why couldn't we get cool stuff like that here?
  6. Tires are junk. Both rear tires have cracks on the sidewall and don't really hold air. Front are so-so and hold air, but also show cracks.
  7. Laugh now, I'll have some bigger tires on it tomorrow. No monster truck, but this stuff looks terrible! Even my son is hiding his face!
  8. Time to swap wheels around again. The 205/45 on the Neptunes are too skinny, going with 225/45 tomorrow, same size as the Saab wheels on the VR.
  9. Hanging out with friends, deciding what to fix first on the 855R.
  10. Started acquiring parts for my V70R's well-needed transformation. Starting with this M66.
  11. goldponcho

    Project 95

    Ballsy going out on the sand! I did that once in my red wagon, promptly got stuck. We took our family down there once, but Ryan didn't care for the wind so I had to sit in the car while my wife tried to enjoy herself all alone. Looks like you picked a great day for it!
  12. Lame pic that doesn't really show MY car, but I don't post many pics of my wife's R so I guess it counts. Had a great time, even with the rain today.
  13. Replaced both hubs, both cv shafts, and that sumbitch leaking steering rack. I sure wish I'd gotten to it sooner, there's such a mess of p/s fluid streaking towards the back of the car.