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  1. darth vade-r (not an "r" though)
  2. i like evvvvvverything, but the hella negitive camber crap with tires on the wrong size rim is hella ugly. then again thats really all i hate on
  3. maybe im old, but any car like this makes me want to f-ing PUKE wtffff
  4. maybe im old but anycare like this maked me want to f-ing PUKE wtffff
  5. cleaner her up, ghetto photo bucket edit
  6. Quick pick on rt20....dirrrrty car Quick pick on rt20....
  7. cleaned her up, thats my little man sitting there!
  8. Haha thanks. They sent a r trunk lid with the lip. At first I wanted my sport wing back but I ended up having them just use it and put the new "volvo" logo on
  9. blurry but you get the idea....took before i ran into class!