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  1. Hey guys, I'm trying to find a way to send +13.5v to pin B8 when the car is off. I had an idea where I would use a wallwart via an inverter, but after I searched this tread I saw that it was tried unsuccessfully before. I was also considering using an universal laptop charger (via an inverter) outputting 16v @ 6A. Do you think that this may be too little current supply to send the ECU into bootloader mode? Also, as far as I understand, only pin B8 needs to be supplied with +13.5v; does this mean that I can supply the VAG com cable and the ECU power pins (A12, A26, A27) directly with 12v battery power when the car is switched off and supply B8 with power from the laptop charger? Thanks!
  2. Send a payment to your paypal address on April 29th, for 4x small (white), 2x medium (white). Any details on order status? PM Sent with transaction ID and shipping address.
  3. M66W conversion underway :D

  4. I'm feddup of not driving my car....down cars suck :(

  5. Glad to see that you're making progress on getting it restored!