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  1. Thanks Mike! Not 100% sure yet on the wheels. Wife want silver. I'm thinking 20's, TSW Bathurst? She likes that wheel. R seats are nice but the premium plus interior is decent, very comfy.
  2. Hit near the end of the swing
  3. Thanks! Like the R but the deal in this was too good to pass. Really smooth. I want that steering wheel in my Subaru now!
  4. After a 2 year break from the scene, back in the game. Bye bye van! T5 AWD - wife's ride. Surprised by the amount of space in the 2nd row. 3 squirts for nice. Time for wheel shopping now
  5. Not the greatest shot. Not a steelhead but it was fun. Released her right after the shot.
  6. Caravan on Volvos (wagons - 850, v70, c70, s60 etc.). Mavis then headed west on 401. Passed you guys. Cars look great
  7. Stocked up for the year ... I stink at tying flies so bought some instead. Also ordered a new 6wt outfit and an 8wt reel for my 8/9 rod. Fished this past weekend (after a 12 year pause) for the first salmon run, hooked onto 3 but all broke off. Getting ready for steelhead season!
  8. Agreed. Love everything you've done thus far. I want another wagon now sooner rather than later
  9. Damn that's big. I switched to a knockoff army tactical backpack. Work asset so not concerned about protection (I'm just more carefull). Have a Lenovo with the huge battery that sticks out and up and still fits. 18 bucks CDN!
  10. How do you like the AP2's? I've been hitting with Wilson Staff Pi5's for the last 3 years I got used and really helped my game. Looking for something in the future when it's time to replace.
  11. Just heard this on the radio (edge 102) http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/montreal/christina-david-former-nunavik-resident-takes-credit-for-plucking-bird-on-montreal-metro-1.2719136
  12. zpd

    How Your Car Sits

    Nice, I've always like those, especially in grey.
  13. zpd

    How Your Car Sits

    Melman's new ride ... The v40 replacement sitting at the dentist. Not a fan of the window shade things but too lazy to take them off. Still fits the 3 kids/5pt harness seat in the back while they enjoy the added sound system (HKS Legamax turbo back ... sans the fart sound effects and drone).