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  1. I thought about trying to add some resistors to the ecu also, but this one turned me off, it looks like one of the resistors used directly for the TCV pin.
  2. i remember seeing a value called dashpot that i would assume effects that, ill have to look after work
  3. Sounds like your getting off to a good start, if you don't mind posting tune I'll take a peek? Your bits is showing overboost active causing 0% duty cycle, I'm currently running into the same, you need to max out maximal calculation for load to 12.24
  4. From what i can see without AFR or boost it looks like 1. Too much timing 2. You are hitting Overboost, under Limiters - Overcharge, set RPM to maximum. 3. you need a bigger maf if you want any more power
  5. here is a log to compare against, i can get more this is a tune i made up the night after i found out my MAF was bad, it works - made off of community map for now just a second gear rip, one count of real knock, 90F weather, 99% humidity - crap weather to do anything with i would say that your car has a restriction or very off cam timing
  6. ill try to get you some logs for a comparison in the down time, but its looking like your flowing too low for that setup.
  7. Took a look at the logs, looks like a pretty smooth tune but i do see the knock, i agree with running colder plugs, maf is a tough one to tell..... which maf is that? 3.0 inch ID? looks like your motor hits peak around 4.2 volts which may be OK depending on size, make sure you arn't a tooth off on timing, i know it sounds stupid but i did it once and the car ran shockingly OK it was just sluggish and got what sounded like an intake burble.
  8. that knock situation is interesting, either way i would not go below 6-7 degree's, the amount of heat firing that late is very extreme, have any logs of this happening? I'm interested to see MAF/load/boost/Inj duty cycle, it sounds like either cam timing / exhaust back pressure issues to me. Also as far as knock sound, in the early stages it will sound like a crackling, many have described it as sounding like a bad axle, late stages....feels like rumbling to a misfire, if you feel it be glad the motors still together. Which plugs are you running? if you ever happen to remove them, take pictures.
  9. i believe my car is having the same issue, my boost sensor logs some pretty odd values, worse at idle, not sure what you are running for ignition but i traced it down to my MSD, next step is switching to COP
  10. Volvo S70 T5
  11. its still morning for me, need more coffee. Piet, been catching up as much as i can since ive been MIA for a long time on here, you have put some hard work in man, thanks
  12. Im running a dual VVT engine and with the cams tweaked it seems to run fine but i believe Aaron figured out control of VVT using the rear o2 input which is pretty awesome
  13. Good question, but there is a few things off of the top of my head that i can think of, Inconsistent fuel pressure, inconsistent voltage, Small vacuum issue, Aaron could be correct also with a check valve issue, i have been in that position a few times with my car and always end up finding the smallest of things causing a headache. On My girlfriends brothers car his Evap purge was sticking open slightly causing inconsistent AFR's and hard starts