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  1. Steve, any word on what color the light blue is?
  2. Sent payment, I was wondering if the light blue is close to this color: 2012-10-18_18-47-03_540 by FST ASLP, on Flickr
  3. Is it possible to make a blue flag with white reflective text? If so I would take two small ones.
  4. Clear corners will be here tomorrow. DSC02087 by FST ASLP, on Flickr
  5. Should have my Titus Racer X 29er built by next week. I can't wait.
  6. 10 and 15 mm spacers to get the wheels out a bit.
  7. IPD replica Interceptors: http://www.vivaperformance.com/17x7-interceptor-wheel-bright-silver/
  8. Me too. They need spacers and they'll be perfect.
  9. I believe they are powder coated. I have had a bunch of racks, and this is my second rocky mount setup. With the whispbars and the euro pitchfork mounts, i get no additional wind noise.
  10. New bike racks: 2012-10-18_18-47-03_540 by FST ASLP, on Flickr
  11. 2012-10-18_18-51-56_477 by FST ASLP, on Flickr 2012-10-18_18-47-03_540 by FST ASLP, on Flickr
  12. I replaced my thermostat and gasket. I found that it was leaking a bit and I think this is where my coolant was going. I did a compression test and it tested at 182, 180, 175, 180, 179. I also put on new wheels. I am not happy with the setup yet, but I need spacers. I still need to do Valve Seals and PCV, but at least I now know my HG is good. 2012-09-24_08-01-24_105 by FST ASLP, on Flickr