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  1. Agreed! Gotta thank you again, for helping me find her! Thank you! I'm totally stoked!
  2. Back from the body shop.........My amethyst 850T5R-M clone .........what Volvo should have produced!
  3. Yes, it was the na/turbo swap car.
  4. Thanks, updates will follow soon!
  5. July 9th of this year, my fiance and I were on our way home from dinner. Woman driving a Dodge Dakota was more concerned with her conversation on the phone, Slammed into us at about 50-55mph, didn't even touch the brakes. What took me a year and a half to build, she destroyed in a matter of seconds. My fiance and I both walked away, but It broke my heart......all that work......ruined.......
  6. Thanks again for the heads up on her! Totally stoked about everything turned out! Thank you Sir!
  7. Amethyst metallic wagon #2.......RIP #1 Finally have a complete R interior