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  1. The car makes power and also goes fast!
  2. Fixed my sync loss by changing the value of my shunt resistor and also finally tuned ignition timing. Session got cut short due to t bolt clamp failure.
  3. Are you double checking your knock gauge with headphones / spectrogram connected to the knock sensors? When i was tuning the ms3 pro knock system for my whiteblock I noticed the bosch wideband knock sensors are suppeerr sensitive and pick up a crap ton of engine noise. Im using the second resonant frequency and only 1/4 gain. Filters out all of the engine noise but still picks up real knock very easily.
  4. Post up your ignition map. How are you monitoring knock?
  5. I don’t think a zener diode would work. That would actually clip the AC sine wave. I simply want to reduce the amplitude. A resistor across the VR sensor lead works fine, you just need to choose the lowest value resistor that doesn’t give you problems at low rpm. I was running too high of a value (10k). Switching to 3.3k 1/3rd the amplitude and fixed the problem.
  6. Thanks!! The issue actually ended up being too big of a shunt resistor (resistor wired in parallel between the + and - leg of the VR sensor. The voltage was getting too high at high rpm and the decoding circuit would overload. I switched from a 10k to a 3.3k and it has solved the issue (atleast on the street). This will 1/3 the voltage. Nope, not yet. I work remote for my company, so gonna keep looking like a bum. 😂 Thank you!! Definitely a lot more power in it! Thanks!! Shhh dont tell anyone its a 5 cyl. Yeah I kept doing that. I would throw on the belt and be like wait wtf am i doing. Thanks! I really enjoy producing the YouTube videos and I think others do as well. I really want to try and take the channel to the next level. Theres SOOOO many Honda, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Supra, BMW channels, its time for a legit Volvo one.
  7. Guys!! The car rips! Hope everyone is enjoying the YouTube videos. VS just isn't what it used to be so I have switched platforms.
  9. Making progress... slowly. Im mostly on YouTube only now, so here are some of the latest videos!!
  10. Hello everyone, This build is still alive! I have not given up yet, but I have decided to start posting most of my content to YouTube as its much more engaging and unfortunately this forum isnt as active as it used to be. You can checkout one of my latest videos here about a shop I am building to work on my cars. Plenty of updates coming on T-5R stuff and hopefully new projects that I have in mind!
  11. Keep an eye on it I got some cool stuff coming up 🙂
  12. Here is a mirror i setup.
  13. Yeah that file is crap, don’t use it. That’s when I knew nothing. Should probably just be removed from the wiki tbh.
  14. @Andzey 1. Yes that is the RN / RNC oil pump. It is the highest flowing whiteblock oil pump next to the 5 cyl diesel which isn't available anymore, then next in line in the 6 cyl. Im 99% sure it flows more than the 6 cyl. I did the math and it flows 45% more than the N 5 cyl pump. Probably because of the addition of VVT. 2. The shop ultra sonic bathed it. After painting I sprayed the stuff out of it with brake clean and cleaned all of the oil galleys with a pipe cleaner. 3. Final CR was 10.2:1. I run E85 so no problems with detonation. 4. Im not aware of glyco offering sputtered mains, only sputtered rods. Main bearings are not sensitive to detonation. I used the calico CT-1 coating. 5. Final torque was 65 ft lb based on ARP instructions. Didn't think to use any grease under the nuts TBH. 6. The ring gap out of the box was around .016" - .018" 7. I copper sprayed the MLS gasket, then i put a bead around the perimeter of the block. I did this because the darton sleeves protrude .003" above the deck. The machine shop (who has built a lot of 5 cyl dartons) recommended this to prevent water leaks. On normal stock sleeves I wouldnt have done either because the sleeve is flush with the block. Yeah we should setup a small meetup this spring / summer.