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  1. No, like which values would it use when in WOT. Highest load on the load axis?
  2. So basically you tuned just fuel ignition and various limiters etc. Since 4.4 doesn't have a wot throttle ignition where would you tune wot at 8.02ms?
  3. Isn't it power request not boost request. 4.4 doesn't have a "boost map". So really by not modifying the power request map your limiting your load and in terms limiting your power?
  4. Are you using all stock axis for your 20g tune. Could you post your modified requested load table I'm interested to see it.
  5. Under the requested load table, the max value i see is 7.97. Does this mean the 8.02 column/row is rarely seen? Or during WOT can load go above requested load table such as in overboost?
  6. On M4.4 When WOT is detected via the throttle angle for WOT detection, does this set requested load automatically to 8.02ms? Could you explain more on how WOT works in m4.4.
  7. Cooleos, Guess ill just keep the stock 4.3 evap then! M4.4 uses the same pin for the Purge Valve, so everything should work as it did in m4.3. Somone correct me if im wrong.
  8. When you disable the evap, does that include the Tank Pressure Sensor and the canister shut off valve? Im converting from m4.3 to m4.4 and i dont want to have to worry about getting those things.
  9. Yeah didnt even think of those things. Will we be getting a new XDF Soon? Thanks!
  10. Was doing some thinking. Once all of the maps have been found, I can start looking up the pointers in the ASM. I can then figure out how things works. And see what code uses which pins. Once that is done, say you deleted sas, well as long as the sas pin coming out of the cpu is not connected to any external IC's, you could possibly use that pin as an input and confure stuff for oh say a flat shift switch.
  11. Im trying to get some EURO bins over at or w.e it is.
  12. Double checked the ignition map. Those zeros should be there. I am very stumped as to why there would be 0's on the map. Seems quite odd me. The 608 ignition map, seems very aggressive, but maybe its just cause its the manual version.
  13. Downloaded TunerStudio. The s70manual.bin from the first post And the XDF from the first post. (Unknown DAMOS Definition.xdf) Some values in the ignition map are reading zero and a few other maps seemed to be messed up. Could you have posted the wrong XDF? Also fuel cut off is already at 255?? Uploaded with
  14. Does m4.4 have a fuel cut like m4.3 does? If so how does it work? Is it just a MAF limiter?
  15. Been doing some assembly work. Working through the initilization code. Hopefully I can disable the checksum check and then find the main loop. Also I wanna post up the memory map for the ecu and how it's memory is configured.
  16. It's pretty good but I want to see if there is a hardware difference between the non turbo and turbo
  17. Yeah do that. Id like to see if the turbo and non-turbo ecu's have similiar hardware.
  18. Can someone post up a high res photo of the inside of their m4.4 boards? I wanna start getting some datasheet for the various IC's so i can figure out whats going on.
  19. No, the reason i am asking is because there is a cheap non-turbo box on ebay.
  20. Yeah it does. I may try that or just use d52 which is what I've been doing. I'm not sure if you can save it to a file in motronic suite. Also I found the code to update the checksum so I can try adding that to the xdf. Btw sent u a pm. Also any m4.4 hardware should work right? If I used a non turbo m4.4 Ecu but flash the 608 file.
  21. Did some research and the m4.4 processor is basically a enhanced version of the m4.3 and is fully backwards compatible. Tonight I will convert the 4.4 file to hex and start looking at it.
  22. I was playing around with trying to figure out what was going on in m4.3 a little while ago. I just converted the bin to intel hex and then used a 8051 simulator called jsim. I could step through the entire program and decode every instruction. I can try a little more if you'd like. I basically found where the program enters and where it goes to and where i think the main loop is. It would be neat to figure out whats going on inside. I think another thing we should do, is if someone has a spare board, open it up and we can trace all the inputs/outputs and see which pins they connect to on the CPU, which will made decoding the code easier cause i can just look for where the code uses those pins and work backwards from there. Lets get this going! Id love to save some money by not having to go standalone. Im in tightmopedman.