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  1. Just checked my lifters again and most don't do it, but I found a couple that do. lol

    Might be time for new ones or servicing.

    New ones cost like $10 a piece, servicing requires you to slam the lifter very very hard down onto a table and everything should pop out.

  2. I talked to KM Cams about setting them up via lift at TDC.

    I told them I was concerned with the hydrualic lifters the measurements would be off too. They said our engines use a direct lifter type unlike ex Chevy engine with hydros. For the Chevy engine the measurements would be off :)

    Go ahead and set them up like solid lifters.

  3. Ok, sorry,continuing the list:

    - Stock manifold changed to Japanifold

    - Stock downpipe

    - 200CPS race cat

    - 3" catback

    So unfortunately this is out of the question too :(

    If you will look at the log, you will see knocking ceases after 5200rpm, which means backpressure is not the culprit, nor EGT, even if injectors are over 100% !

    How does fueling look before the knock starts to occur? That rich spot where you getting knock, may just be because of the knock fuel enrichment...

    Its possible your are running lean before the rich spot, causing knock, which in term will richen up the fuel mixture causing it to be very rich.

    Honestly too rich isnt good either itll be just as counter productive, the excess fuel may be combusting after the exhaust valve causing high egt.

  4. Matt told me that his rubber fuel line provided by AEM disintegrated within a week. He was having issues and found that to be the culprit. Not sure if this is the hose you are talking about, but just wanted to let you know.

    My AEM fuel hose dissenrgrated in the tank and turned very soft and mushy causing it to keep slipping off.

    Build looks good so far.

  5. Yup 540 maf will be overkill for the 20t but nice and safe and plently big enough for the next size turbo!

    to make the silicone transitions nicer, I am going with a 3" post maf pipe instead of the 2.75" - something to consider for yourself...

    I wouldn't call it overkill

    I tuned a 16T at 16 psi, and we maxed both

    The greens and s90 housing.

    You would be suprised how much air mass you can flow with a td04 on the newer RN motors.

    Looks great. I'm looking forward to seeing how your 20T and gregs work out.

    I tuned one earlier in the year at only 14-15 psi and man that thing hauled.

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  6. take a look at the DO88 radiator, their quality is top notch

    Yes it is! And mine was only $275 (got intercooler too, so saved on shipping).

    Welds are very nice and it is quality control tested. Comes with a metal and plastic drain plug, not to mention how well it was package and got here in 3 days from sweden!

  7. I haven't noticed that issue - mine is under 80 most of the time in this weather. It will rise to 83 if left idling long enough, so I usually do that before getting on the highway.

    Do you see the AFR deviate in logging?

    Here's an example of mine from today

    These are the warmup tables I have (Aaron added a few... but no warmup cycle completion table

    I only see the AFR deviate on idle really.

    Arron showed me some of those tables as well. I believe the ones to be modified are the Warmup factor tables. As you can see 80C has 0.00 while 60C on all of them have greater than zero values meaning the ecu is probably going to add a bit of fuel. Setting the 60C column to 0.00 should fix this. I will experiment more and see if AFR deviates too much under 80C.

    Thanks everyone for the quick help!

  8. Here is a list of the ADC channels courtesy of

    ADC Channels in Motronic 4.4:

    channel 0: Throttle Position Sensor
    channel 1: Battery
    channel 2: Front HO2S heating
    channel 3: ECT
    channel 4: MAF
    channel 5: Rear HO2S signal
    channel 6: Knock Sensors
    channel 7: Front HO2S signal
    channel 8: Ambient Temp Sensor
    channel 9: Fuel Tank Pressure Sensor
    channel 10: switched channel (Baro, ECU Box Temp, A/C Pressure, Rear HO2S Heating,...)
    channel 11: Vertical Acceleration Sensor

    I would definitely use the Fuel Tank Pressure sensor channel.

    if you are looking for a second channel you can use the ambient temp senosr channel, but you will need to wire it straight to that channel and bypass the voltage divider circuit. You'll also need a resistor most likely for current limiting reasons.

    You can also use channel 10 baro sensor. This channel is switched through the SCL4402 chip and takes some extra logic to get working. I don't believe I fully tested this one.

    I think the most recent and better approach is to use an arduino to feed in more input into tuner pro and a custom ADX plugin. I got a version up and running of this long ago and then sent the source code to one of the other developers on here (I dont remember who and im sure theyll chime in) and they did some modifications and got it fully functional.

  9. mercuric, on 13 Oct 2013 - 02:11 AM, said:snapback.png

    There's two more pins, B2 and B3, which are the "torque limiting" signals. These are also normally high. B3 goes low to indicate "level 1", B2 goes low to indicate "level 2", and both go low to indicate "level 3". I don't see code that differentiates the levels, but:

    From -607 ->

    ROM:14982 mov DPTR, #0xE028 ; SCL4402 address

    ROM:14985 movx A, @DPTR

    ROM:14986 cpl A ; bit-flip A

    ROM:14987 mov C, ACC.2 ; Accumulator

    ROM:14989 mov ACC.1, C ; Accumulator

    ROM:1498B mov C, ACC.3 ; Accumulator

    ROM:1498D mov ACC.0, C ; Accumulator

    ROM:1498F anl A, #3 ; Clear all bits except 0 and 1

    ROM:14991 mov B, A ; B-Register

    ROM:14993 mov R1, #0xFE ; '¦' ; X_GSTZAE "Numerator for monitoring the gear engagement active"

    ROM:14995 movx @R1, A ; Move complimented E028.2 and E028.3 as ACC.1 and ACC.0 to X_GSTZAE

    ROM:14996 mov R1, #0xFC ; 'n'

    ROM:14998 jz code_49BB ; Jump over setting RAM_66 (ignition retard for gearbox engagement) if E028.2 and E028.3 are high

    ROM:1499A movx A, @R0

    ROM:1499B jnz code_49A2+1

    ROM:1499D mov RAM_66, A

    ROM:1499F clr RAM_2A.2

    ROM:149A1 sjmp code_49C8

    ROM:149A3 ; ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

    ROM:149A3 dec A

    ROM:149A4 movx @R0, A

    ROM:149A5 setb RAM_2A.2

    ROM:149A7 mov A, B ; B-Register

    ROM:149A9 dec A

    ROM:149AA mov B, #8 ; B-Register

    ROM:149AD mul AB

    ROM:149AE xch A, B ; B-Register

    ROM:149B0 movx A, @R1

    ROM:149B1 add A, B ; B-Register

    ROM:149B3 mov DPTR, #0x3347

    ROM:149B6 movc A, @A+DPTR

    ROM:149B7 mov RAM_66, A

    ROM:149B9 sjmp code_49C8

    It would appear these two inputs are available via bits 2 and 3 of 0xE028 from the SCL4402. Not sure if these are actually wired on a -608 ECU.

    Perfect mercuric, I was looking at that piece of code as well, when i was trying to do some research on what B2 and B3 were connected to. Ill have to try this when i get home and check the pinout etc.

    Also for people looking for and output pin, you should be able to use pin B4, which sends an acknowledgment to the TCU that the ecu is going to limit torque.

    Also for the clutch switch, I was thinking of just tapping into the cruise control switch on the clutch. Should work...

    Glad to see everyone is getting their boost pressure sensors up and running!

    To add to Aaron,

    Earlier in this thread around page 50, Mercuric and I discussed the torque limiting system for shift on an auto trans. I wanted to repurpose some of inputs and outputs.

    If your car is a manual you can repurpose these 3 pins on SCL4402, which are at address 0xE028.

    On the stock torque limiting sytem, there are two torque limiting request line inputs to the ECU and one ackowledgment line going to the TCU. The ackowledgment line would work as an output(12V) also the other two lines may as well(even though they are used as inputs), just set the state of 0xE028.2 or 0xE028.3. I am not sure how much current you can pull from the SCL4402, so a power transistor may be required.

    Just some more food for thought Chrispy.

  10. I had a look though various AFR tables last night, most of what I found showed AFR around 5 load is about 12.8, Mine was about 14.3, when I added more fuel in that area, I didn't go as rich as that. I know its varies from car to car but it could be a point in the right direction.

    Simply, Could it be EGT or IAT that is high?

    I doubt it. The compressor is in it's 76-78% effiency island and the hot side is quite large (Garrett .63ar).