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    From the album: T-5R

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    From the album: T-5R

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    From the album: T-5R

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    From the album: T-5R

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    From the album: T-5R

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    From the album: T-5R

  7. Awesome job! Congrats on getting it running.
  8. OK so now the file dialogue box appears, images upload, but when I click continue to go to step 3 I just get an infinitely spinning orb.
  9. Yay! Thanks. I know I'm the only one that uses the gallery to upload pictures but I think more people should. I can't stand broken links to pictures in old threads.
  10. Attachments work in the posts and uploading attachments in posts, but whenever I try to upload a photo to one of my albums in the gallery I dont get a file dialogue pop up when I hit the choose button. My URL changes to after hitting the choose button and no file dialouge. ~Matt
  11. Is it possible the the inlet from the diffuser to the plenum is causing a restriction? What is the flow on the edelbrock manifolds, that other s40 users use? Did you end up flow testing the stock manifold? Im very curious to know the flow. ~Matt
  12. Solder blob maybe somewhere shorting something out. Inspect the board very carefully. Make sure no loose solder or metal is floating around,
  13. Got my 5in MAF housing running very well. It idles great, drives great part-throttle and WOT. The real test will be when I get my 2200cc injectors (2 bar base pressure so 1720cc actual). I am using a factor of 3.8. Here is a brief log. Positive fuel trims are due to my BOV.
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    From the album: Misc

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    From the album: T-5R

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    From the album: Misc

  17. So sorry to hear about everything H. Must be very devastating. Best of luck with the part out. Looking forward to what you start tinkering with next.
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    From the album: T-5R

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    From the album: T-5R

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    From the album: T-5R

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    From the album: T-5R

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    From the album: T-5R

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    From the album: T-5R