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  1. Looks Good S70-R.

    So im starting to tune my 50 trim and I rescaled my Load and Rpm axis.

    I only rescaled load above 4ms or so so the last 8 rows are 4-11.808.

    I also rescaled rpm to 7590rpm.

    Now obviously I need to completely rescale the fuel and ignition map.

    Is this how you properly do it:

    1. Move all the load values up. For ex, Now the the bottom most row is 11.808 instead of 8.02 (or whatever the stock is), so basically I need to move that bottom row up to 8.02 then I will have a bunch of empty rows that I will need to fill out.
    2. Move all the RPM values, do exactly the same but now move the columns to the left and then fill out all of the empty rows.

    Hope that makes sense.

    I tried using piets load scaler but it doesnt let you enter your own load axis nor change the RPM scale.

  2. So I've been doing a lot of thinking about implementing a traction control system into our ECU's.

    My initial idea was to use internal RPM and VSS bytes to detect slip(rpm/wheel acceleration above threshold) and then retard timing accordingly, but after some more thinking the math and code involved in the ECU would be quite taxing.

    Did some more thinking and remembered that the software has a built in ignition retard system made for the automatic transmissions... 3 different ignition retard levels with RPM dependent retard as well.

    After that I remembered the unused TCU connector (on manuals) has inputs for this. There is a total of 3 wires:

    1. Retard Stage 1
    2. Retard Stage 2
    3. Retard Acknolwedgement

    If you set Retard Stage 1 to high (or low) i dont remeber it uses stage 1 on the retard level map, if you set stage 2 to high (or low), it uses stage 2 and if you set them both high (or low) it selects stage 3.

    The TCU connector also has pins for RPM, VSS and Load. Using these three I think I will be able to determine pretty accurately wheel spin. If RPM and VSS increase rapdily and are above a certain threshold you are most likely spinning. I could then use load to confirm (less traction = less load) so probably the load would drop a bit.

    Arduino should get the job done.

    I know on VADIS there is a pinout of the TCU with all the functions of the pins and expected voltages, etc. I dont have vadis with me right now, Could anyone try posting up some screen shots?

  3. you need to try something lower, i'm with 650cc injectors and with a constant of 0.40 i can't get it idling normally, so for 724cc i'm sure that you need values around the upper .30's

    Figured because it's definitely running rich as there is black soot coming out the exhaust housing on idle. And the idle surges like crazy. I'll wait for tmm9.

  4. Maybe a stupid question:

    What drives the popping sounds during up-shifting or after acceleration that makes some cars spit small flames? How can this be influenced using the Motronic 4.4?

    To my understanding, that should be non-ignited air/fuel mixture.

    Happen with me too, seems normal. I get a lot of popping sounds in the exhaust (sounds cool though). if you have a BOV the mixture will run rich for a split second on up shifts when you let off the gas causing excess fuel to be injected.

  5. So set "Motor temperature threshold for adaptive knock control" to 175 and things will look a lot better

    Correct. You might notice a lot of your knock goes away.

    From what I understand if the ECU sees knock it adds adaptive knock so whenever its around that part of the map it automatically pulls timing even if there isnt any knock. Can get really annoying when trying to tune the ignition map.

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  6. I would try turning off adaptive knock by going under the knock tap setting motor temperature threshold for adaptive knock to the highest possible value.

    I bet almost all of the knock you are seeing is adaptive, because it takes quite a long time for adaptive to stop influencing ignition retard after the ECU sees even a tiny bit of knock.

    The engine will still detect knock if its detected, just no adaptive knock. IMO when tuning the ignition map its probably a good idea to turn off adaptive, tune your map to your liking then turn it back on, so if later down the road if your car has an issue and you arent logging for a couple of days / weeks the ECU can still keep the motor safe by having adaptive knock, instead of always having to dynamically detect the same knock, which might save your motor.

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  7. I've never come across one (NA M4.4 file). I would say ship me your ECU and I could pull the EEPROM contents for you, but my WILHEM just took a dump on me.

    This should be a V70 NA file and damos

    The damos will have to be converted from dot codepage to ansi to be usable.

    I just looked through it an there is nothing LDR related...

  8. loooooooooooooooool

    actually it's my younger brother filming and my mom screaming, thinking that it is an terrorist attack!!

    but the results are pretty good =)

    NICEEE!! Were you using the stock settings in the binary??

    I still gotta fix the knock issues, if you noticed after you start driving Knock adaptation will start pulling timing because usually knock is falsely detected as you bang off the rev limiter.

  9. Take the highest load cell for each rpm colum. Calculate your desired value for the afr/ve map.

    Calculate the difference. Add or substract this value to each cell in that rmp colum. Starting with loads higher than 4.

    Repeat this for each rpm colum.

    Higher than 3000 or one lower.

    To me, this method has proved as very time saving, to get a good starting point.

    Afterwards correct te cells that need it.

    Could you provide an example? Your still being very vague about what to calculate and subtract and what not.

    I dont understand what you mean by calculate the difference, the difference betweeen what?

    When you say calculate you desired value for AFR/ve does that mean if i want 11.5 I put in 1.28?