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  1. Quick update: Project is taking way longer than anticipated or desired :laugh: BUT! I finally have all my main bearings. Head is back from the machine shop and everything should be going together in the next few months. Been over a year since I last drove it and I really miss it. Shooting for next spring for final assembly, tune, and full vinyl wrap. I will throw together a little build list for those who haven'y kept track and care to know. 

    Block: '02 2.3 (Bored and Honed) Rods: CXRacing H-Beams 21mm Wrist pin (Checked for round and weight) Pistons: Custom Weiscos (Wish me luck) Bearings: OEM Rod and Mains Head: N Head (Full port and polish w/ Autotech valve springs and retainers) Oil Pan: RN Transmission: M56 w/ Quaife Turbo/Manifold: Ported R manifold paired with a TD05-20G with ported hotside (yeah yeah it is what it is. If im not happy with it I will be going to a Precision 5858BB) 

    That's the important stuff. Obviously doing all fresh oil pump, timing, seals, etc. Engine will be run on E85. Looking for the 400-425whp number on this setup. Not tons but a fun reliable daily. Ill see if I can round up some pictures of the head (its really pretty) and other fun stuff. I will be documenting the build so I'm sure pictures of that will pop up here as well. 

    Think that about covers it. Questions about anything or tips for a first time white block assembler are welcome. 

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  2. 48 minutes ago, lookforjoe said:

    Try and source rods with 21mm small end bore - if no choice but 23mm - get new bushings made for 21mm. You don't want to get Wisecos like mine with the 23mm bore& compromised ring land. Extra wrist pin weight is substantial. 

    The rods I ordered are indeed for 21mm wrist pins. After talking with you earlier of Facebook i felt more comfortable that way... 

    Also on another note. All of you who are running CX rods. What should I have the machine shop check for when I let them go over them? Is it mostly just checking to make sure the bores are in spec or is there other things that should be gone over?

  3. Car is down for the season. Engine build has started.

    Current end game is as follows: '02 T5 block with 147mm forged dods and Wisecos, RN pan/cooler setup, port/polish/gasket match/valve job on my '98 N head, also a set of Autotech valve springs and retainers.

    I have the new block torn down. A "few" pictures follow. But before I start on that. Some will remember I killed the factory engine in the car this spring due to the unfortunate oil pressure loss. Well I tore it down as well simply for fun to see what actually happened. Well metal shavings everywhere. Rod bearing 1 was gone (and by gone i mean just that) and rod bearing 3 was spun. The rest all showed signs of being less than healthy. So thats that. On to more fun things.


    Yes... Like gone....


     Block on the stand ready for tear down. Nick from Re-Volv hooked me up with the short block. He was great as always and worked with me on the shipping and all that. Thanks a bunch!


    Extra stuff stripped off.


    Pan off...


    Old stock pistons and rods out. All seem to be ok. Bores look nice still..


    Intermediate section/crank tray/whatever its call off.. What a pain in the ass that was.


    She's empty...


    Family photo of the engine parts that are now all over the place :lol:


    Ill update this as I move forward. Going to be dropping the block off at the machine shop shortly along with the rods I am about to order to get checked out and ready to go... Really looking forward to completing this project.



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  4. Car is still running. Has a stuck lifter or something and is making lots of top end noise. Don't care. It runs, drives, and boosts great. A month or less till she goes under the knife once more... Currently putting together parts lists for the build. Should be a fun project..

    Edit: If i'm at all honest I seriously considered parting the car out. Im sick of little stuff being broken. Or major stuff. Im sick of pouring money into it... BUT. When it comes down to it. I still love this car and would hurt myself in 8 months to year if i parted it. I cant think of what else i would drive accept an Audi B5 S4.. So with the current project I remain. 

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  5. So this post has been dead. Ill bring it up to speed. Car is alive again. Just got it running last Friday around 2:30 AM lol . It runs good. Seems to be running a bit lean. I have been just babying it around below boost until that gets resolved. So nice driving it again.. Such handling compared to my beater wagon. Also have an oil leak from my turbo feed line. Kinda annoying. Have a spare line and new crush washers on the way... Heres a few pictures detailing the last couple months....



    Hauling it home to the shop after one or more on the rod bearings failed.


    Start of tear down.


    Out of the car.






    Before and after glass blasting here at the shop...



    Going back together!







    95% in...


    Bringing us to this... Alive and on the road. Finally! I have missed it... 

    Current plans: Finish cleaning it up and fix the little stuff that needs addressed, finish the 93 tune and move to a full e85 map, full body vinyl wrap in a shall we say "unique" color, and then run in till the cold sets in..

    Winter plans: Build broken engine (Rods, bearings, maybe pistons, head ported and polished with a valve job, RN oil pan, all new seals and gaskets etc, normal wear items), LSD (much needed), D2 Coilovers, and maybe a few other things if the budget permits...

    Long term plans: Large frame BB turbo (shooting for 400-450whp), a set or 2 of more interesting and appropriate wheels, UR chassis bracing all around, and whatever else meets my fancy...

    Well Im going to call that thread updated for the moment. Ill try to keep it more current next time it goes off the road hah

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  6. For those that haven't been following. Car is down and ready for an engine swap. In short: No filler cap+rag+revs-oil flush+oil+week driving-oil pressure+pickup clean out+oil+3 days drvings = Spun Rod Bearing.... :lol: Going to be swapping my spare N engine in for now to get it running. Hopefully will be doing a mild to middling build on the engine currently in the car this winter and the reswapping it...

  7. It lives! After a loose starter wire and a small "alleged"  incident with a maf that happened to be backwards :lol: it fired right up and idled great. No leaks of any sort spotted as of yet.. Took it on about an hour cruise and got my first data log for tuning purposes. Runs like a champ. Looking forward to working with Aaron/TMM9 to get it dialed in! Here a quick video of it started fir the first time and a couple shots I grabbed of it earlier.. Its horribly filthy so please ignore that... 

    First Start


    Left to do: Switch to big MAF when Aaron gives the ok, install air box, install engine covers and heat shields etc, polish the shit outa everything :lol: SO MUCH cleaning that needs to happen before Carlisle. Later this year I plan on coils and a full vinyl wrap.. But tonight. For the first night in quite awhile Im just gonna kick back, have a drink, and watch some Vikings knowing my car is alive and running hah!


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  8. Nice work Derick!

    ​Thanks man!

    Updated progress: Last night got the rear brakes on, Devils Own water/meth kit installed, wired, and tucked, and the wide band wired and functioning... Pretty much just need to bleed the brakes, install a fresh tune up, change the oil, install fuel rail, install intake setup, and plug everything in and double check it all... Wheels should be done tomorrow so bar petty annoying issues should have it on the road by Saturday as planned.... Looking forward to finally running this bitch after all the time, money, and planning I have put into this round of upgrades....

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  9. Its getting close! Last nights progress: Got the E-brakes setup, rear rotors and brackets on, started running the AFR stuff, intake manifold on, a few odds and ends in the engine bay, and with crossed fingers put the new battery in to check the interior out and make sure everything was working for the first time since the dash was dismembered. Had a small heart attack when my cluster was flashing with my hazards :lol: the realized my headlight switch wasnt in and apparently that effect such thing greatly.. Grom unit works great! Pounded some Amaranthe through it and now am wondering why the hell it took me so long to get around to doing one... Going to be looking into starting a full audio upgrade/refresh so if anyone has any input on that Im more than ready to receive it... Shooting got a Saturday run date, and hopefully have it done Thursday but im being pessimistic at this point...

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  10. Nice work!

    Wish I got my Turbo anodized red :(

    Yes. Yes you should have haha.. If i can get my bay looking half as good as yours I will be quite pleased... In other news the coolant and oil feed/return lines are all in and tight, trans is back in, subframe is back in... Pretty much just wrap up now.. Then onto brakes!

  11. Continued progress.. Look to be on track for a early next week run date..


    As it sits...

    Delrin subframe bushings in! So meaty...

    Lightened flywheel and clutch installed...

    R Manifold and freshened up water pipe installed...

    My turbo finally at home!

    Also bead blasted and painted my trans while its out..

    Tonight going to be running the rest of the turbo coolant and oil lines, reinstalling the trans, and putting the subframe back in... Hope to be installing the brakes by tomorrow evening...

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  12. Yes it is haha.. I had decent feedback from a few people. Now im not so sure... If it holds up at least this season I guess ill be ok with it... Trans will likely be out for a LSD next winter again so i can check up on it then... Time will tell I guess...

  13. Progress! Finally! Interior is 98% in.. Just need my new shifter ball seat to show up and ill wrap it up... Loving the herringbone trim thus far...


    And got most of everything together for a group picture before stuff starts getting installed. Pretty pumped about getting it running again.


    Contacted Aaron about tuning and my ECU should be coming next week sometime... Its getting closer!

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