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  1. 1st page bro.... Finally a VS pride badge
  2. Man dont know how I didnt see this before... Crazy build man... So clean.... Love it to death....
  3. Green S70 T5 at the Turkey Hill in Epharata, PA.. Tinted and on Pegs... Was a week or so ago... Anyone??
  4. DScottM

    1998 S70 T5M

    Some shots of my ride...
  5. DScottM

    Getting there...

    From the album: 1998 S70 T5M

    Needing MOAR low... Coming this spring....
  6. O and it was 2004ish as far as i could tell...
  7. Red V70R Just outside Columbiana, Ohio this morning... 18" Pegs, maybe custom grille, PA Plates... Didnt get a good look at it... Dang I wish I knew whose that was...
  8. See a lovely red 850R around occasionally, i want :D
  9. Dumb question....

  10. 18T and ARD Blue Tune THAT is what is to come...

  11. My 1998 S70 T5M as it sits here a work. Had it 3 months and love it...
  12. DScottM


    From the album: 1998 S70 T5M

  13. DScottM


    From the album: 1998 S70 T5M

  14. DScottM


    From the album: 1998 S70 T5M

  15. Volvo S70 T5
  16. DScottM