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  1. This is so cool! Awesome to see the power getting put to use, not just generating dyno numbers!
  2. More rehabilitation and maintenance than mods, but there is a lot of good info here.
  3. Nice job man!!! That thing's a ripper now!
  4. Hi, Still in the Midwest, Still dailying the V70R and unfortunately waiting for some free time to do some routine maintenance on the C70.. Wouldn't mind getting more active if there are meets and stuff..
  5. Gave the VR a much needed wash/polish/wax last night.
  6. 18" fits fine on my lowered 1998 VR. IPD springs/Koni shocks in the front and nivo drops in the back. Fender liners are still 100% intact (except where they have rubbed through at steering lock) Will it rub over large dips and at full lock? Yes. Is it severe? No. Just know the game you're playing. 18" looks so good I don't want to go back to the 17"s I had before.
  7. I've just left the camber.. If you align the toe and rotate the tires every now and then, the tire wear won't be bad.
  8. More Saffron!! Quick little driveway shot:
  9. https://yother.com/collections/suspension/products/copy-of-p2-awd-adjustable-toe-link-set
  10. If I remember right, those ends are a piece that Yother orders in, and then has to do some machining to enlarge the bore. I'm living with it for now, but at some point this summer I'll pull it apart and find a fix.
  11. Update on this. The heim joints are holding up just fine under the Sealsit boots, But there is a pretty severe creak coming from the outer joints. They are a little weird as they are just an inner sleeve inside of a nylon or derlin bushing. I pulled them off and put some grease on the surfaces, but the noise came back after the first rain.. I might see if I can get replacement ends.. I might just drill a tiny hole all the way through the bushing and install a grease zerk so that I can service them regularly.. Not sure yet.. Also to note, it had been almost a year and 1 winter of daily use before they has issues.
  12. Hopefully this summer! Too many projects in progress right now to pull this car off the road. The old one still works ok for now, just rattles at idle.
  13. I just broke the studs off with some pliers. The studs weren't rusty to the point that they were going to fall off, just rusty enough that the threads were useless. I bent them back and forth a few times and they popped off leaving a small hole. I just enlarged that hole to fit the threaded inserts. You can't drill in very far because you will hit the carpet. There is nothing above to hit besides carpet. These riv-nuts are just mounted in the sheet metal. They are a copper/brass type of material so they shouldn't corrode too bad. You could put some sealer around the hole if you wanted, I did not bother although I did put some anti-sieze on the threads.