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  1. They are a huge pain even with the tool, but it's doable. There is no way I would have tried without the tool! Build season should be good! Finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel with everything else and things are looking up. This thing will live again soon
  2. Well, this has gone about as well as the rest of 2020.. Between Covid, work situations, and a divorce that God willing will be final soon, this project has kind of been on the back burner. Hoping to have it all back together and better than ever by spring. Here's to build season! 🍻 This was the result of several evenings work. If you know, then you know.. 🤣 What a pain!
  3. Incredible work as always! This car just keeps getting better!
  4. Thank you! I'm using the Maxpeedingrods coilovers. I know they are cheap, but when the cost is less than a pair of Koni shocks, I won't be out too much if they don't last. I did ride in a car that had them and it rode surprisingly well. Firm and planted, but smooth. They also seem to have positive reviews among the P80 Facebook communities as well. I guess time will tell.
  5. I have a massive pile of parts in the shop and have started digging into this car again. Thank God for FCP and their lifetime warranty! I am replacing a number of engine, suspension, and other parts that I had previously replaced and had either gone bad or wore out after years of use. They don't care and they stand behind their warranty, if a part is bad, they replace it. Period. I got the coilovers installed several weeks ago and set the initial stance. The fronts are adjusted all the way down without removing any of the lock rings. I may go a little lower later, but I do want to actuall
  6. Over the weekend, I went to the Gilmore car museum in Michigan for a Volvo gathering. It was brutally hot, but there was a nice turnout, and I got to meet many great people. Even parked next to the one and only Robert Spinner! Also to note, this is probably the cleanest that this car has ever been in my ownership.
  7. Thanks for the refresher on the dash tabs lol. I'll be having to do that on my C70 in the next month or so.
  8. Installed the Maxpeedingrods coilovers the other day. While I haven't driven it much yet as I'm waiting for an alignment, first impression is that it rides smoother than IPDs/Konis. Couldn't go wrong with these as the whole set is cheaper than just replacing front struts on the normal setup.. The fronts are as low as they go unless I remove the collar ring (which I may do later). Height is comparable to IPD springs as-is. The rears took a little effort to install, had to drill the lower shock bushing holes a little as they wouldn't fit over the stud
  9. I think I just had a PTSD episode looking at that bare subframe. It takes a ton of work to get that mess apart and cleaned up. Great work!
  10. Put the Comets and R bumper back on in preparation for spring (it got into the 60s last week..) Then it snowed.
  11. This thing is so cool! So much work and attention to detail! Great job!
  12. Haven't been driving this much over the last year due to kids being hard to put in the back, and some lingering maintenance issues.. Well, I'm hoping to get it back to 100% by mid summer. There was a camshaft seal leak that has compromised the timing belt. I don't anticipate a problem immediately, but that needs to all be replaced in the near future. The suspension and brakes are also in need of some attention. This sill be a slow project like everything I touch, but I did grab a set of Maxpeedingrods coilovers.. Couldn't argue with the price, and I had a chance to try them out on a different
  13. Over the past weekend, I went up to a friend's place who is also into Volvos.. Met up with Dan Maley and let the Saffrons have a little quality time together ;) Nothing much else to note at this point. Winter mode is still in full effect, I pulled my annual stunt of ripping the rear splash shields off in a large puddle again. Salvaged the right side and am in need of another left.. Upcoming summer plans are going to include: -Stereo system -Tweak rear springs (currently on cut R springs and Euro Nivos with drop bolts. It's a litttle bouncy, I want to tr
  14. You legit do detailing AND daycare?? I'm assuming not anywhere close to the same place or times.. I would be mortified that kids would mess the cars up. My own kids aren't even allowed in the shop lmao.