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  1. I haven't updated this much since I've just been driving and enjoying the car. (this section of road is prettymuch closed to traffic due to a bridge repair but I have to use it to get to my house so it's been nice and abandoned lately ) I've been daily driving it all summer and it has been a champ. Just rolled over 262k miles. The 18" wheels are definitely the best looking size for these cars, but due to some road construction on my daily commute, I am going to throw the 17" comets back on for the rest of the season before winter. I pulled it in the shop to catch up on some pesky little things that have been stacking up. I'll post about them as I go, but here's the list: -Install 3" IPD downpipe to replace the old EST piece. -replace o2 sensors -rebuild oil cooler lines and ATF cooler lines -Swap out complete ABS unit (all sensors good, and computer has been rebuilt/replaces multiple times, but still have ABS/TCS light -Re-lube brake calipers and adjust e-brake -Re-work better mounts for IPD skid-plate. Rubber expansion plugs no longer holding well. -Check over suspension and replace any parts if necessary (I think rear outer toe rods from Yother are wearing out). -Re-attach tailgate interior panels -Right front window motor getting weak -etc? The first thing I am working on is the exhaust. I got this done over the weekend. The new downpipe is evidently an early (possibly the first) IPD 3" downpipe for AWD P80s and was built by CJ Yother. I bought it from "Saffron-R" over on Swedespeed over a year ago because my old one was rattling. I only got the front section, so I used a tapered reducer to adapt it to the 2.5" "rest of the exhaust". I haven't started the car yet but I anticipate a deeper sound and slightly better flow. Should be fun. I will be making an ad for the old EST downpipe soon. And installed on the car. I am still waiting for the new 02 sensors to show up. The front one won't come out of the old downpipe, and the rear sensor at some point got tangled up in the prop shaft and the wires got shredded. I guess that would explain why the CEL wouldn't go away. I've got this nice 90 deg o2 spacer on the new pipe in hopes to avoid the CEL due to lack of cat.
  2. I feel the pain with the headlights though. I own over 10 cars and I can get crystal/projector/custom/etc headlights for almost any of them way cheaper than a set of decent Jewels or ABMs for my X70s.
  3. I did a minimal amount of research (youtube reviews) before purchasing Techmax LEDs from Amazon and I'm happy with them. They are in my 1997 Lexus LS400 in Depo Crystal housings. I don't have a picture readily available, but can get one. The low beams and high beams are separate bulbs and the low beams are adequate once adjusted. The beam seems to maybe not extend quite as far as the originals, but the light is more "pure" i guess you could say, way more bright and clear. But the high beams, holy crap. It's like daytime. (I never get flashed using low beams) I also have cheap generic LED sealed beam conversions in my old Chevy van and while I'm not really satisfied with the lows, the high beams are unreal. I don't know what brand those were. I have also been doing research on what LED brands would work best in my 2003 Lexus LX470 which has projectors for the low beams, and in that application, nobody seems to be happy with any LEDs, and instead recommend HID or Halogen. It seems like a crap shoot. Just order whatever you get from Amazon so you can get a refund if they suck lol.
  4. Might get flamed for this, but I'd be curious about the results of using LED drop in headlights in Jewels and/or ABMs. While I think the tech is still improving, LED headlights have come a long way in the last couple years and I've been running them in a couple non-volvos with excellent results. They also seem to me more "aimable" than HIDs which can blind oncoming traffic. They seem to preform better in non-projector housings, so maybe better in Jewels.. Anyone tried them?
  5. The valve seals are tiny and weigh less than a pound all together.. Seems ridiculous. FCP is the way to go!
  6. I've used Tasca a couple times, but nothing spectacular about them. their site kind of sucks if you don't have a part number. I try to stick with FCP and the prices are pretty close once you get to the free-shipping minimum order. Plus the lifetime warranty from FCP is outstanding!
  7. Check that the prop shaft bolts are tight, and snug up the crimp-clamp on the boot. Mine did this last year on the front yoke and the bolts had actually worked themselves a little loose.
  8. That AWD manual transmission swap is where it's at! Where are you located and how much for the manual swap parts?
  9. This is so cool! Awesome to see the power getting put to use, not just generating dyno numbers!
  10. More rehabilitation and maintenance than mods, but there is a lot of good info here.
  11. Nice job man!!! That thing's a ripper now!
  12. Gave the VR a much needed wash/polish/wax last night.
  13. 18" fits fine on my lowered 1998 VR. IPD springs/Koni shocks in the front and nivo drops in the back. Fender liners are still 100% intact (except where they have rubbed through at steering lock) Will it rub over large dips and at full lock? Yes. Is it severe? No. Just know the game you're playing. 18" looks so good I don't want to go back to the 17"s I had before.