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  1. dang! that got to you quick...
  2. yes, I did a/c mod, and I flashed in 608_rev5b18PSINewFuelRev4.bin - but have not added ostrich yet, nor have I actually put the ecm in the car yet.
  3. Ok, so successfully bench flashed tonight. I've got a power supply for my amateur radio stuff in my office, so 13.5v was no sweat. Tonight was more or less a trial run, to see if I could follow directions (which were spot on by the way). Going to spend the next few days (not including this weekend, while I am at the Rolex24) re-reading this thread and trying to understand what each parameter and value actually means/does. Don't worry, not going to just throw anything into the car. I truly want to understand this stuff and do things right. Pretty excited!
  4. This must be why I still have my old zip drive laying around here from 10 years ago, so I can rob a square usb from it... I've found a 610 that should be here early next week so I can join in the fun. Looking good H!
  5. I've not opened up an ecm yet, but will all that fit inside the case?
  6. Went junkyard hopping again this past Saturday. Got a pair of sunvisors (1 is homelink) for $10 and this pair of seats...$25 per seat! Woot!
  7. yeah, couldn't pass it up. They were having a black friday 50% off sale, but even at regular price, it would have been a deal. There was a '97 R out there, but it literally had been stripped of everything, even the carpet was gone! It did have volvospeed stickers on it.
  8. Score today at the junk yard! Grill: $6.25 Wiper Arm: $1.50 Glove box door: $8.25 Nearly new Volvo plug wires: $5.00 Nearly new (nice and white!) overflow tank: $5.00 engine plastic: $2.50 battery hold down and dipstick: $0.50
  9. today - ready for it's first autox this coming weekend. Camo plasti-dip R bumper, trying to decide if I want to do the whole car.
  10. So, just announced that Florida Blue will cancel 300k policy's. Some peeps I know already got a letter this week. I guess my household will be getting one too. Not too happy. We have been paying for this insurance for over 5 years and have not used it once. Now I get to play the game too...
  11. Agreed, he (driver) is a jerk. I can't speak for NV laws, but in FL, check points must meet statues to the TEE, or none of the arrests/tickets will stand up. It is specific as every car, every 3rd car, every 5th car, whatever. We have to do it exactly as detailed and within statutory limits. As far as the flares go, that's more than likely a night time requirement, but again, I'm not down with NV law. There is a facet of people that do this stuff on purpose, to try and get an officer to make an illegal arrest. My take on this instance, the officer asks a simple question, have you been drinking? A simple NO, and this guy would have been let go on his way. DUI officers are trained to how people look, sound and react to questions, I bet this officer knew within 5 seconds this jerk was sober. Refusing to answer a question is what gets him pulled out of traffic. The officers in this video were quite easy on this guy, again, since they could tell he was sober. A few more commands, and this guys refusal could have been an easy notice to appear. the guy putting his face shield down after being told to open it is technically enough if the cop had been having a bad day. In FL, having a drivers license obligates you to ANY DUI check the police decide to do. Any refusal of such is an automatic arrest and loss of license, simple as that. As far as hand on sidearm... I kept mine there at every traffic stop I did where someone was acting like this dude. I'm surprised at a daytime DUI stop though...must have some serious daytime drinkers in those parts...lol!
  12. tree oh tooz ..and for the few that wanted close ups of the vent. Hussein has some good pics in his thread of the install, but I've posted a couple here
  13. I got mine from Tousley Ford (online sales). Total price was about $75 shipped. I bought a template from Hussein that was spot on. I didn't want to re-invent the wheel - he did it, it fit good, and he had a good template, so I was happy to pay for it. The vent comes with a foam seal, double stick tape on one edge, clips that hold it in, and one stud for a bolt and washer to secure it as well. I don't have any pics of the underside, but will take some and update my thread this weekend. It's just cut metal under there right now, so I want to put some pinch moulding on it or something, to give it a finished look. Took me about an hour to do it all.