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  1. If in San Francisco The Academy of Arts and Science in Golden Gate Park Alcatraz If in Santa Cruz, Beach Board Walk If in Monterrey Bay Monterrey Bay Aquarium - If you saw Star Trek 4 that's were they filmed the fake whales
  2. As a life long Canadian, all I can say is Give me break
  3. Asthma exacerbation? is your asthma being properly controlled? You might need to be on Advair if you have frequent exacerbation requiring hospitalization.
  4. You will first be horrified, and then you will laugh your ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD off.
  5. Those are some sick son's of women of questionable morals.
  6. Take it easy man, even though we all think we are Ken Block, we most definitely are not.
  7. Is that why you need Trazadone? :blink:
  8. 29 Gauge is actually one of the tiniest needles available (Larger gauge, the thinner the needle), you should see what a 18 gauge needle looks like. :blink:
  9. You want to bet? In short-term priapism (< 6 h), especially for drug-induced priapism, intracavernosal injection of phenylephrine alone may result in detumescence. Use a mixture of 1 ampule of phenylephrine (1 mL:1000 mcg) and dilute it with an additional 9 mL of normal saline. Using a 29-gauge needle, inject 0.3-0.5 mL into the corpora cavernosa, waiting 10-15 minutes between injections. Vital signs should be monitored, and compression should be applied to the area of injection to help prevent hematoma formation. Source: http://emedicine.medscape.com/article/437237-treatment
  10. You don't want to know what we do, and it can involve a big needle in a place that you would least like to get poked. :ph34r:
  11. Recharged the A/C system, reset service light