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  1. Is this the first time Kevin has been able to be on the giving end of a dick related joke?
  2. Sittin at the IPD garage sale this past Saturday. Ended up winning best FWD/AWD which was completely unexpected and awesome.
  3. Ah word was in mobile. I think I got him outside of the low swingin dick haha
  4. Hmmm. I should prob wait until I get my s70 on the dyno to make any claims of being fast but the butt dyno tells me it's pretty quick :)
  5. What tune is he runnin?
  6. Truthfully I'm not knowledgeable enough to answer that I was just regurgitating what I was told. Hopefully someone with a better understanding can chime in.
  7. Not to thread jack but I just put in a do88 intercooler myself and am thoroughly impressed. I'm running a TMM9 tune, and after installing the do88 with no modifications to the tune the max psi jumped from ~19-20 to 23 and the boost had to be scaled back in the tune due to the added efficiency of the intercooler.
  8. Put in a do88 intercooler today
  9. Anybody know a good place to get stuff anodized around here? Got a new intercooler and was thinking about doing it and the RIP piping.
  10. And to no surprise, Steve to the rescue
  11. Anybody have a straight flange exhaust housing with usable studs laying around? Studs were stripped when I pulled my turbo had to cut em to get the downpipe off, then they broke off in the housing when I tried to take them out.
  12. Had some Nebs layin around that I picked up in a trade a while back and figured I'd run them for a little bit. Like my Fortunas more but these look pretty ok too I think.