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  1. I think i know what you are trying to say. After your rebuild you noticed coolant boiling. I.e you hear coolant bubbling when the car is shut down? you then removed the coolant lines to the turbo and the issue went away? how did you route your coolant lines to the turbo? If you route the inlet and outlet wrong you will hear gurgling upon shutdown. The correct way ensures coolant is automatically circulated via convection when the engine is stopped.
  2. Do we know the food situation? I haven't heard of any donate or support stuff this year. I will gladly donate time and monies like every year.
  3. yes :D just pre-ordered my tickets!
  4. I'm running this If I remember my math correctly it flows like 930cfm, @22psi on my 2.5 I think it requires something like 830cfm. Realistically you want to run the largest filter you can fit. You don't want your filter causing any restriction.
  5. Nice setup! Went with a j pipe and welded bungs but its not as clean as couplers. Plus you need to mount your battery side ways.
  6. Would it be a terrible idea to have Matt Farah from the smoking tire drive your wagon? I think it would be so awesome for everyone to see all the hard work you've put into this monster. Some Volvo love.. per say.
  7. 2inch (depends on how low) PVC and heat gun, nice and slow. I only rolled what i needed. I didn't want to buy the tool either...
  8. Same here, can only run the codes when the car is running.
  9. Funny you say that, worked the night before. Next day, dead. Same exact boat. 3 different computers and an hour of messing with it and got nothing. Ordered a new one/same one. Worked perfectly. I sure hope these last a little longer..
  10. Glad you got it fixed! The cam trigger on 98's are keyed one way, you can reverse them(accidentally bend the key) and the car will just backfire and sorta run. I'm guessing the RN cams aren't keyed as you found out. Sometimes all the headaches make modifying volvos a nightmare... then you overcome and it makes it all worth it. Best of luck, look forward to see how she pulls.
  11. Had mine working for a few months. Spot on AFRs before I borked my ECU. Tied into the rear 02 harness and supplied formula which is posted here.
  12. Ignore pajamas and high LTFT... Also AFR and boost gauge, used to work and now they don't for some reason. Datalog shows a decent amount of knock bouncing off the 2step. 0 degrees timing ... guessing we want as close to 22 as possible for fireballs. Built about 10psi of boost. Rev Limiter is a lot faster with Ignition cut. Doesn't bounce just stays around 6200-6500. I think we should set it to 5k like Matt did at Carlisle, that sure worked for loud noises! XDL ---> CSV --->
  13. Ohhh... so swap over your maps and it's good to go? If we want to change the 3k and 4kRev limit then we have to do some editing correct?