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  1. Do you still have this pictures of the swap ? do you know where I can get a parts list? my sons 00 xc needs a trans and this sounds like a great option!

  2. Can we use regular Wikipedia? Wheresgeocitys when you need them ? Also, I suggest you change the wiring of the voltage step up device. the switch should be on the b8 not a27. This would allow you to adjust the voltage in the car without putting the car in boot mode.
  3. I think there is an issue with the wiki link, for the voltage stepper its not bringing up the correct page
  4. Is the new auto bin out? I can test. I also have a bench soldering iron if I need to mod my ecu.
  5. So ive been messing around with this a bit I used the "18psi " map boost control maps to modify my map. I am unable to get more than 14 PSI and typically a sustained 12 psi. The car pulling harder than before, though. Is it suggested to get a boost controller and bypass the stock system? Also, I can't find a section for SAS and I'm wanting to pull mine off. I will be building a a new 2.5 or 3 inch down pipe myself. Sorry I have another question, is there a decel enrichment setting? This could greatly cut fuel consumption!
  6. Wow, seems like a lot is going on with this project. Is the information getting updated in the wiki?
  7. I was able to flash the auto v70r back with 607 but I cant get the Ppart file to flash it always fails. can anyone explain why?
  8. So I accidentally installed the 608 Bin instead of the 607 on my automatic 98v70r Just now realized it.. Would this be why when I boost the check engine light is flashing? Also, do I need to change any settings to make sure my injection settings are right on my car with the 607 file?
  9. yeah there is so much info on the motronic, I guess I was confused on the different software used to datalog.
  10. Guys i am really bummed I have this 4.4 flashed but I see all of these posts about the ecu being to slow to data log. How are you tuning? I am spoiled my Megasquirt and Megatune doing it for me, but I remember the old days of logging and tuning by hand.
  11. Is the 607 a t5 file? I guess I am worried about differances in settings from LTP to HPT t5/R in the 98 R
  12. Okie dokie, I have my LPT me 4.4 ECU purchased off ebay. Can anyone suggest a map that should be used for my 98R as I understand it my R should be the same as a T5 engine. im a bit confused as there are so many xdf and BIN files out there. Again my plans are to remove sas system, kill the second o2 sensor and bump the boost a little maybe 14 psi ? I will be running a complete free flow exhuast no CAT and planing on a 3 inch to dual 2.5 outlet. Oh and I believe I have the White injectors = 350 CC (MY1997 + R's)
  13. Thanks so much for the advice , I was hoping to get the maps them selves and export. I just dont want to have to adjust whats on the 850 map when really right now I just want to start with deleting the o2 and sas. Am I miss understanding the way tuner pro works? I was under the impression that you cant read the stock ecu maps only burn to the ECU . That is why I wanted a factory set up maps. I thought the injectors and boost maps would all be differant ? Ive been too busy to pull the laptop out and download the app and mess with it but I should have my ECU and switch in the mail soon. I scored a 98 xc ecu and a 3rd row seat and belts for the wifes 2000 xcse for $175 total on ebay !
  14. Thanks for the answer, sorry I am asking some silly questions I just want to make sure I have it all right before I start . Im going to use the new ecu as my tuner and keep the OEM on a shelf as a backup.
  15. OK I just pulled the trigger and bought a on off switch for in car flashing and a 98 turbo ecu on ebay. The 98 ecu is from a xc so it probably LPT and its going into my R is there a tuner pro file with stock R or T5 ecu map values for boost, fuel, timing ?
  16. I've been looking for one of these for awhile. Thanks lover Julee Russell

  17. Lol directv called and gave me a win back offer. Can you beat 20 a month? .... No?

  18. Ok so Ill be picking up a switch on the way home today.. is there a safe upped boost level or settings that has been decided to be the standard that I can use ? Also timing, I used to run myTurbo Ford Escort GT at 44 degrees advance in the cruise area on megasquirt to get a little better mileage.. Is there a max that is considered the "safe point" that II can dial the timing out to in the cruise area of the map?
  19. I didnt even see that ! To flash in the car You must figure out a way to engage bootloader mode while the ECU is in the car; you must get pin B8 to battery voltage. There are a few methods of doing this, open the ECU box and wire a switch between pins B8 and A12(ignition power). Or you can solder a long wire to pin B8 and run it to the positive post on your battery. Connect a battery charger, turn the key to position II and check the battery voltage, if it is above 13.5 you can flash. If the voltage is too low it can help to disconnect the ground wire for the radiator cooling fan, (the fan will run if the ECU is turned on while in bootloader more), and turn off interior lights, radio, and climate control. If you need to raise voltage more, try taking out the fuel pump fuse and other accesory fuses. When flashing has completed, turn key off, disconnect power from pin B8.
  20. Hi guys i have been googling and researching this for a few months and I am not sure where to dfind the answer. I would like to do some of the commen mods to my motronic 4.4 98 v70. SAS Delete. with the diode. (seams easy to pull the ECU and solder the diode) Delete secondary O2 sensor by lowering the o2 voltage taget or monitoring setting I think I read you just lower a bin to 0? (so I can putin a full free flow exhuast). Turn up the boost target map. Is it possible to put in a flip switch of some kind into into the case to put the ecu in boot mode and program from the ODB2 port at the console? Can anyone point me in the right direction ?
  21. I would like to try this on my 98 v70r but before i jump into it I am trying to figure out where I would download a stock BIN file ?
  22. Papa drives 55 and gets 30 + mpg yo