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  1. Is this a thing for all the x70Rs or just specific to your car? Been away for a while, not sure if that was a tuning issue for you or something.
  2. If you have all these questions, I'd suggest digging deeper in your research. There are lots of Volvos and other cars running meth. Try Googling to reduce redundancy.
  3. Wish I was still out there so I could see this forreal! Real proud and happy for you man
  4. Guess they hit everywhere! Pretty cool.
  5. Just wait till October and you'll be glad you did it. Minus the snow birds...🙄
  6. If that is still around, how much for the AC resistor? One in my sister's car shit the bed.
  7. If you can afford a GT3, you can afford a $10 latte.
  8. Yesterday at work. also some bonus pictures from the last month.
  9. I’ll do anything for free school! but yeah that whole thing was ridiculous.
  10. Bumpers fixed now! Kinda. New one is repainted and on but the dude did a shit prep job. Scottsdale, AZ! Going to continue school and work for Starbucks actually, my girlfriend (who’s from PHX) is getting her degree with ASU through Sbucks and that’s my plan as well. Getting out of the dealership life is exciting. Hoping to focus on more personal projects now that I’ll have some creative energy to spare.
  11. I misjudged a U-turn last year and my bumper ate sh*t. Still sits like that. Moving to AZ so that will get fixed with everything else before the big drive.
  12. My M66 swap won't be done until summer at this point...so that will debut next year. So excited for this year. Hoping it won't rain of course...because that sucks. Nothing new for my car this year unfortunately, but next year should have tune, m66, and exhaust so thats neat.
  13. Awesome. Yeah I know people have done the metal route...but that just pushes stress to the next weakest link of course.