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  1. Yeah I got it. Hopefully won't be a hassle getting it fixed efficiently.
  2. Parked on the street in a neighborhood, guy across the street backed in to it
  3. Did it. Bought lifetime so I can go anytime when needed in the future.
  4. It'll tide me over until I finalize my color choice/have time to paint them.
  5. I thought I had gotten everything aligned after my suspension installation but maybe I didn't... I'm just going to keep an eye on everything and rotated regularly, sounds like that may be enough to keep that from happening again. Thanks for the input.
  6. I don't like starting new topics, so... Obviously I lowered my car like 1.5" or whatever with iPd blues, so maybe I have slight negative camber from that. But looking at my old tires in the front only theres abnormally uneven wear on the inside of both of them and I'm trying to figure out if they were rubbing on something or if that just comes with the territory of modifying suspension geometry. Both front tires look like this, rears are completely fine. Any input would be appreciated, just wondering if I need to make some adjustments or what. Thanks guys! And clearly I didn't notice the wear until they removed the wheels because I couldn't see the inside wall of the tire when they're mounted... Although I wish I had noticed a long time ago! Yikes...
  7. Took me way too long to get these on haha. She's dirty as fuck, and that's black primer to be painted when I decide on a color.
  8. Guess who will be out of school by then? This girl. Guess who plans to go to Davis? This girl.
  9. Blacked out S60R near Lacey. Dark blue license plate maybe Michigan or something said, "DANUMC." Maybe on sweedspeed?
  10. Because I had to pay $10 for a custom card, but I freaking love it. Not a Volvo, but mint green + Porsche = <3. Edit: Weird, on my computer you couldn't see any of them.
  11. Literally made my day when I got to the bacon love it.