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  1. I honestly was not aware that someone had Ostrich2.0 working with M4.4 . Can you post or PM me some details of how it is wired/set up?
  2. Yeah it's not easy. I am basically watching rpm,o2,and boost and going by feel and listening hard for ping. I was logging load but it didn't really help with real world tuning, well at least i thought so.I am Planning on getting a knock sense soon that way i know for sure when the detonation monster attacks. I know it might sound stupid but since you can not really log with decent resolution i was thinking about setting up a camera on the rpm,o2,knock sense and boost so i could redneck datalog.
  3. Editing WOT enrich, req. pres. ratio and ignition. Going to play with part load in a little bit. I am getting the occasional ping so i am working on a tune right this second with a little timing pulled out and a little more fuel to see how it responds.
  4. Well i hope we can keep this going. The tune i am currently running is pretty damn nice. Putting down around 14-15 psi and it pretty much turned it into a whole new car.Since my innovate lc1 sucks balls im going to be getting a knock sense and a PLX wideband. Hoping they will help me make up some solid tunes.
  5. I think there might be another scalar or table for the SAS system that is not in the .xdf . I got a code for the SAS system and i have all the values in both SAS Check tables set to zero. P0410
  6. That's the thing that i don't understand, the two .dlls are there. almost like the checksum plugin doesn't allow tunerpro to see them.
  7. ok, got it working a little better but still a little weird.if i have to checksum plugin installed it says that msvcr100.dll and msvcp100.dll is missing but if i do not have it installed i can save changes to the bin file but when i try to save it is says checksums can not be updated but it does save changes and i DO NOT get msvcr100.dll and msvcp100.dll is missing error during start up of tunerpro.
  8. Not sure what that checksum .dll did to tunerpro but now its pretty much useless. I removed the .dll because it was causing errors, uninstalled tunerpro, re-installed it and now no matter what i do i get an error saying that checksum could not be verified and can not save bin file. Re-installed a few time and same thing
  9. Still get the same errors. Tried to re-install, run as admin and still that good stuff and no go.
  10. When i installed the checksum .dll file into the tunerpro directory i get two error messages saying that msvcr100.dll and msvcp100.dll is missing. i have the most recent xdf from the first post. Win 7 32bit
  11. I didn't change the Overcharge load table which would limit the load/boost
  12. Ok, idiot question of the night. Is there a overboost/load table? If so is it the "Overcharge-Load" table? I set the pressure ratio map super high and it didn't really do anything. Pretty much stayed stock which is when i first give it WOT it spikes to about 13-14psi and the levels out at around 10psi. I am being real cautious with this and asking before i dig too deep.
  13. Ok another question about the VE part load map. If the requested load from the pressure ratio map is say "10", the part load map only goes to "8.02" on the Y axis. Since the y axis does not go to 10 does it use the value from from 8.02 since that is as high as the Y axis goes on the part load map? Or is that still up in the air?
  14. Got it, thanks man. I think I am going to write a small guide for people that are in the same boat as me. People that have some experience tuning but are not used to the tunerpro/motronic maps. It's a little confusing when you first jump into it.
  15. VE part load questions? So is Y the requested engine load? and X is obviously RPM. Is the editable values the target lambda? or is it something else? WOT Enrichment ? Do you know what the values represent? Basically will a + or - value increase the enrichment once the WOT value is reached. I understand you might not know because this is still pretty experimental but I pretty much want to dump fuel in for now and start tuning it out once i get the boost set where i want it. Just trying to avoid leaning out during boost/load.