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  1. make sure to shim them for air gap and watch out for the bolts that will come close to the radiator tank.
  2. i have one of those plier but for some reason it was harder to used the plier than just to slide them on.
  3. With all the self tuning done lately maybe that is why his pcm core no longer have that button on top for a retune. I guess he don't people to mess with the file.
  4. damn. it sound so mean. i think those people you pass just piss their pant. i'm just curious. how do you pass a smog check with all that modification?
  5. look awesome. what did you use to seal the vent? what you guys think about removing the hood seal. when i remove mine it look like it did a good job of venting the heat.
  6. this is off topic. this look like your car did they jack your pic.
  7. i wish i have access to a lift. thanks for the advice. now i just need to get a engine support.
  8. question. won't it be easier if you pull the engine and transmission as a whole unit from the top? i have a manual swap for my s70 but don't know which way is best. stabbing the clutch will be a pita.
  9. in the past i use this and it really work.