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  1. I picked up a set of the RS rims last week and new tires! Great service and awesome rims
  2. Those hood vents are just factory Mustang Shelby aren't they?
  3. damn well i only put one layer on, maybe i can somehow recover this I was thinking of letting it sag a bit in the middle, then use body filler to make it level
  4. like chop off the plastic behind and put fibreglass from the inside?
  5. Started covering the headlight wiper holes with fibreglass! It's so nice to have a donor car that I can work on, then just swap the parts over
  6. And I thank you for that someone who understands...haha Thanks! I will check yours out for sure for some inspiration! Where could I find some clear glass on the cheap? I found a set for $160. Is that a good price?
  7. Guys guys guys (and girl), I just threw those on so I could take the picture hahaha
  8. Started working on some projector headlights