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    Oh yeah and another thing. Im getting married on the 15th. Hopefully i dont fall off the face of the earth after that. If i dont post for 6 months. Send the po po. jessica says that shes all on board for a project car. We'll see.
  2. BenW

    The 242

    So i want a new car. WEll., not really new. I want a project car. See, the 850R was my baby. Not modded out, but respectably individual. Now, i have this thing, this new to me car, the V70 and it just isnt the same. Its like a rebound. Never good. So anyway. Jessica and I are about to get married and to the marriage's automotive table she brings a 1990 Buick PAark Avenue. Affectionately called Lady Chablis. I cant stand the car. Its big, slow, and scary to drive. My volvo feels possitively sporty after that car. So no giggles when i get in either car. Enter project car. Stay with the familiar is what i say. I know nothing about bimmers, vw's are too small for what i want. and lets face it, like some here have said. Volvo's make a statement by not making a statement. So i found via a friend a shell of a 240 turbo. 1981, had no motor, no tranny. Guy wanted 350 for it. Went to look at it and bam, not interested. Looked toooooo scary with no motor. I dont even have garage space for a project. I passed. I sat for a week. I found another one. Fish on!!! A Tomato red 1984 242 turbo with 168thou miles on it. And its in Nashville. And it runs. And the guy wants 500 buck for it. Will it happen. Will i chicken out. Stay tuned.
  3. Joe just wants that free email addy that comes with 2000 posts.
  4. We need a Sports board for youth football updates. I can see it now, the Chantilly-Volvospeed Fantasy Football League.
  5. So is having admins posting opinions kinda like having a government tell you what you should think about something?
  6. Liberal Media MY jerk. Fox news might as well be the George news network.
  7. Okay, I'll speak up. Lets trash this thread and get down to some serious Volvo tuning! Now come on! YOu're either with me or you're against me!!!
  8. I think the international community has been asking that since we decided to go into Iraq. Right?
  9. Hmmm, let's see, participating in a war that he was called to act in, and then expressing his views afterwards. A crime? In who's book. This thread is worthless.
  10. I can only laugh when I think of ms. coulter. There was a SNL skit on where they did a take off on Chris Mtthew's "Hardball" and she was a guest. Amy Poehler did a hilarious take on COulter. >>>> Cold Opening - Hardball w/ Chris Matthews Darrell is at his best when given hilarious one liners when he plays Matthews. He shines in this opener. Amy Poehler was also great here as that annoying oh yeah! Ann Coulter regularly seen on Bill Maher's show Real Time on HBO. For those that don't know, she's a Republican thinks everyone commits treason in this country. Amy did a fantastic impersonation of her. Jeff Richards was good, but he hardly had any funny lines. Keenan Thompson got to show of his impression skills as Gary Coleman, which was hilarious. This was a great way to open the show. Best lines: Darrell as Chris Matthews: "Also joining us, author of the book Slander & Treason, a woman full of more bile than Nick Nolte's liver." Amy's response, as Ann Coulter: "Typical slander from the liberal media." Darrell: "That wasn't slander. Now if I said you looked like a kneecap with hair, that would be slander." Keenan Thompson as Gary Coleman: "People have been asking me all week, why should I vote for you, Webster?" >>>>
  11. Finally, some REASON in the political debate. NO secret video tapes with that candidate ;)