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  1. A couple years ago (after not having any accidents for about a decade) I was involved in three non-fault accidents in the span of about 6 months. While none of them were very serious the experience definitely made me a more cautious driver- I think the repeated feeling of getting into an accident really imprinted into brain. It was weird...and not the good kind of weird.
  2. Yeah I remember seeing that in another thread. I thought I bought the exact same ones...but they do give me an error.
  3. One of my brake light bulbs went out recently so I replaced both with LED bulbs. About 6 bucks on Amazon, nice and bright, but they trigger the bulb out warning still. I took the dash bulb out, as I'm not really worried about it. Any ideas for how to correct this legitimately, rather than just removing the bulb?
  4. Trying to determine who is the crazy one, me or my car. I've recently replaced the following items, all on the drivers side: headlight ballast (they're HID's), fog light bulb (also HID), illuminated side marker, and rear brake light. Is it just coincidence that all are on the same side of the car?
  5. I'd have to agree with @Zappo. I've ordered several things from Kristian over the years and have always had good experiences. That includes returning a silicone hose that eventually developed a small leak, which he exchanged for me for free, years after I bought it. He is someone that I would give the benefit of the doubt. I assume you're emailing him at: kristian@snabb.us
  6. Awesome, thanks for the great explanation! Makes a lot of sense. I’ll get to replacing the positive...I’ll make it a priority now. Really appreciate the explanation.
  7. Small update. Yesterday I installed the negative cable from FCP, cleaned the terminal posts, and It started no problem. but, it had been starting no problem for the past week or so, so nothing conclusive there. The non starting an intermittent thing, so it’s been difficult to pin down. It’s can always be corrected by loosening the cable clamps and moving them around on the posts a bit. Today I went to fire it up and no start. Ugh. Moved the positive clamp around and it started. When I get a little more time I’ll be replacing that one as well. it’s worth noting that even when the car doesn’t start, there is still power- the lights and radio etc all work, but nothing other than a single click when I turn the key further. Will report back once the positive cable is installed.
  8. As the title states, looking to remove my lowering springs and replace with stock springs. I threw mine out years ago, and with two kids under two, I ain't prowling junkyards looking for them. So I gotta shell out. I'm hoping someone's got some from a part out, or some other situation. I am not looking to trade. My V70 is for the next few months my daily, while I look for another car. During that time I really need a more comfortable ride. After which time I may well slap the lowering springs back on. Non-nivomats. Car is a 1998 V70 T5. I did post on FB a few weeks ago but nothing yet. Thanks!
  9. Nice, but I prefer to pay through the nose for OEM yet potentially sub par replacement parts. At least the shipping was free! (it still hasn't arrived yet...)
  10. I was looking through some of my notes today and sure enough, when describing this issue to a mechanic friend of mine I described how the positive battery terminal got very hot after driving. Guess I forgot about that... Not sure what to conclude from this, but figured I'd get it written down here for posterity.
  11. Totally. If jy runs were in my realm of possibility I'd be there too. Two kids under two years old though...so spare time is a thing of the past.
  12. Pft, FCP must have sent it by horse. Still hasn’t arrived. Will update once I get it installed. of course the car has been starting totally fine for the last week...🙄
  13. Thanks for all the info! I’ll check whether they’re heating up, appreciate the tip. Can’t say I’ve noticed that at all but certainly a good suggestion. I’ll keep the old one and will inspect for corrosion at the cable/lug connection, if clean will try doubling them up. Thanks for all that!