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  1. Anytime I see someone with COVID I try to race them at the next redlight.
  2. tighe

    Andy's 2000 V70 R

    Looking good! Someone should really go through my V70 and tackle all of these little lurking projects! I'm too busy with this nonsense! https://forum.ih8mud.com/threads/new-to-me-lx570-general-thread.1216897/
  3. @lookforjoe your capacity seems boundless. Every time I open this thread I'm impressed. So cool!
  4. Thanks! 79k miles, got it for $24k. Dealer serviced here in SoCal since new - was too good a price to pass up and I actually bought it sight unseen! Looks brand new underneath, and has the dark gray interior which I prefer. But it drives like a boat and it's very thirsty, as expected. And Lexus/Toyota has also never been on the leading edge of technology - the infotainment/nav/audio are all pretty terrible to use. But whatever, I got it to haul us around and get into the desert from time to time for some camping. Proper roof rack, and roof top tent coming in the future...
  5. Just picked up an 08 Lexus LX570 for a family hauler, about two months ago. Already it's been through a few iterations...wheels, tires, spacers, etc. First step was throwing those horrid chrome rims away... Next step was cleaning up and painting an old set of LandCruiser rims, and getting some decent tires on them. 1.25" wheel spacers on all 4 corners. Rims were painted using Superwrap 'Gun Metal'. So far so good. Active Height Control suspension is cool. And finally some late model rims for daily street use.
  6. Looks like you and this C70 are healing each other. Glad to see it, good luck with the journey. These are great cars to learn on - well built for the most part, pretty straightforward to work on, and as you've found out, there are lots and lots of resources online. In my experience this combination has made for a rewarding and satisfying ownership, filled with the feeling of accomplishment, and respect for a well designed machine. Except for all the god damned plastic Volvo decided to use.
  7. I agree with this. A few years back @Aequitas_Veritas and I installed a full set of Alpine SPS-610C speakers in my wagon, but ultimately I thought it sounded better with the stock speakers, and the addition of a HU-901 + C70 amplifier. We eventually removed the Alpines and went back to stock, and I've been happy with it since. Could use a little more bass before distortion occurs, but otherwise no complaints.
  8. Sound like a lot of fun- until it's not! 😐 Last year I took a driving course at Porsche Experience Center in LA - it was great getting to drive such a small and low car (911 C4S w/PDK), and having the freedom of a consequence-free closed track to explore the car's limits. I would similarly describe the 911 as having go kart like handling. Next time I go I'd like to try a mid engine rwd car (manual Cayman GTS) to see the handling differences between the two setups (over/understeer, recovery maneuvers, etc). Would love to get a smaller two door to have fun with, but the V70 just keeps on ticking and I can't justify getting rid of it. Looking forward to seeing how you repair and improve the X1/9.
  9. Wow, yeah. Very glad it wasn't worse though! @lookforjoeHow does the car handle in general? Pretty predictable, or is it a wild child?
  10. Laminate really has come a long way and as much as I love to hate it, it is a good choice for a lot of applications. We have laminate upstairs and oak downstairs (wtf?) and the laminate still looks brand new. It predates us, so it's at least 5 years old. The oak could use a refinishing at this point although it's unrivaled in its warmth. If you like wood, nothing beats the real thing. If you don't really care, then laminate makes a lot more sense. I think it gets a bad rap because it tries to be emulate wood, usually not very well. Especially if it's a sheet product as opposed to plank laminate.