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  1. It’s the long wheelbase option. Very rare.
  2. Nice wagon. Google just recently updated streetview at my place and caught the T5. The old streetview still had my FJ60 LandCruiser which I sold a while back, which I miss! Nothing made the T5 feel faster than driving the FJ around for a while...
  3. Damn, sorry to hear about the crash. Sounds like it was a nice car... I'm interested in the following. Would require shipping to 90046. euro clear corners (and stealth auto clear turn signal bulbs all around) K&N apollo closed air filter plumbed to the stock air pickup behind grill stainless steel braided brake lines Could you post or send me pics and prices for these items?
  4. For the sake of posterity it’s one 18mm and one 20mm clamp, not 7/8” as I mentioned in the first post.
  5. Perhaps the reflashed ECU is programmed to detect knock or detonation and that's why it flashes? My ARD tune does not have this feature, but my tune from Beust does.
  6. I’ve had a Snabb intake for a long time, no complaints. One thing that’s always given me a little trouble is how the stock PTC hose just barely reaches the intake, and doesn’t really secure, even with a small clamp. At least that’s been my experience. I tried heat rated silicone tubing recently and it seems to fit much better. Because it’s cut to fit, it can be cut slightly long to ensure it stays put. Toss a few 7/8” constant tension clamps and call it a day. Looks like the particular one I bought is unavailable but the specs are there sir anyone interested.
  7. I could be interested in some stuff. I still have my silver wagon - it's in good shape but I may be interested in some bits and pieces. Sorry about the divorce but congrats about the kid. I had one too last year, being a dad is awesome.
  8. Installed a manual boost controller, per the diagram in the thread below. Not sure why I didn't do this years ago. Prior to this, I've never had a rock solid boost "cap" - I would get spikes if I wasn't careful. I think the highest I ever saw was around 25psi. This was regardless of which tune I had in at the time. I halfheartedly tried troubleshooting it on and off for a while, and just recently I installed a Hallman ES. Install was about 15 minutes, and over the last week I've been tweaking it to get my max boost right at 18psi (per ARD Blue tune). I'll continue keeping an eye on it, but it seems pretty solid so far. I don't have to keep an eye on the gauge anytime I'm really getting on it - I can just relax and mash it. This little addition has given me a lot of peace of mind - I'd recommend it to anyone who is dealing with spikes they can't otherwise figure out.
  9. Just picked up a 2009 Infiniti FX50S. Got tired of driving a 20yo stick shift Volvo wagon in LA traffic. Now I get to sit in traffic wishing I could put the 390hp V8 to better use... Anyway, it's awesome :)
  10. If you can't find someone, be careful when selecting options if you do go ahead and buy a report. I just bought a report the other day, and I didn't notice it defaults to three reports for $99, which I unwittingly purchased. Then I had to explain, wait for a partial refund, etc etc.
  11. Can you spot the differences?
  12. The corners are clears from IPD. I bought them before I had the jewels. They look ok in this photo but in real life they're a little mismatched when next to the jewels. I would stick with the jewel corners if I were you. In in the sunlight the mismatch is a little more evident. I'll eventually get matching jewel corners I guess.