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  1. When you're all done, toss it up on BaT! https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1980-fiat-x1-9-12/
  2. I wanted to continue this thread just to conclude it, as the car has been down for a few weeks while I waited for a starter from Tasca. I replaced it last night and still got no start- it turned out to be the positive cable. As soon as I replaced that it fired right up. I suppose the original starter is still good, but after 160k miles I'm fine with a new one anyway. I was hesitant to replace it previously because it appeared to be in good condition. If my troubleshooting skills were up to snuff I suppose I could have checked it earlier and saved some downtime and hassle. Water under the bridge now.
  3. Did you consider removing the MAXXHAUL air deflector and putting the light bar in its place? That way your profile would be lower. The deflector's not going to do much with the light bar mounted right above it anyway.
  4. The similarities between the two posts above...pretty cool.
  5. Wagon is looking pretty good man. I like the aux lights. That's a fitting and no doubt memorable pic of the church. A little glimpse of solace in this time of mourning...and hopefully healing. Good luck to you guys. I've thought of your post often as we have small kids and it's reminded me of how lucky I am.
  6. I love my Flir camera and have used it similarly. https://forum.ih8mud.com/threads/coolant-temperature-after-engine-shut-down.1022435/#post-11317859
  7. Excellent. Looking forward to some fresh inspo!
  8. Thanks for the info. These are actually OEM Saab wheels from a 9-3 Aero, see photo. Saab makes some nice looking wheels - I like these too.
  9. I've spent entirely too long thinking about Volvos...
  10. Happy to oblige. The guys at NGP were awesome to deal with. Bumper guard took all of 3 minutes to install. https://store.ngpracing.com/rearguards-by-rgm-volvo-850-v70-wagon-1996-2000-w-painted-bumper.html
  11. Installed a rear bumper guard. I had some spider cracking in the paint on top of my bumper from a buddy's Jeep Wrangler. This should take care of it. Looks good and matches the other black plastics pretty well. New German Performance.
  12. Wow, beautiful. Can't wait to see the brakes mounted...
  13. Looking good! Someone should really go through my V70 and tackle all of these little lurking projects! I'm too busy with this nonsense! https://forum.ih8mud.com/threads/new-to-me-lx570-general-thread.1216897/